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    Please don’t message me unless you are sending me proof of DWA / PSL first, selling up as moving to USA. DWA looking for new homes - offers welcome 0.1 CB Crotalus adamanteus (Stunning) £300 - ON HOLD 1.1 CB Vipera ammodytes (breeding pair -Male grey/brown - female red/orange) £350 ONO 1.1...
  2. DWA Species
    Hi, I'm looking for some more information on Gila Monsters and the DWA application process from anyone who has experience with them. I've absorbed everything I can find on them including Daniel Beck's book, all the videos online and the posts on this forum. I don't feel there's much more I can...
  3. DWA Classifieds
    3 year old unsexed Gila Monster. £600. Good eater. Will ONLY sell to DWA Licence holder, and proof of licence and setup must be shown.
  4. DWA Species
    CB16 Adult Female Heloderma Horridum Exasperatum for sale Beautiful girl but with a baby on the way can’t keep her I’m afraid. Loves food and baths, would prefer her to go to a home with a breeding male as this is a rare animal. DWA holders only. £500 ONO.
  5. DWA Species
    Hi Just wondering if there are any DWA Scorpion keepers in the NE of Scotland? I’m in the Aberdeen area. :2thumb:
  6. DWA Species
    Hello everyone, I'm more of a hardcore lurker of forums than an avid poster, but looking, in the distant future, to get into the hobby of keeping DWA animals, the nastiest T's I've worked with in terms of attitude and venom have only been, my P.Ornata, H.Gigas and OBT. But I'd like to get...
  7. Exotic Mammals
    Hi everyone! I work for a television production company in London and hoping to speak to a few owners of DWAs. Looking to find out about what it takes to look after these incredible animals. If you don't mind sparing 10 minutes of your time please get in touch with me. Thanks very much! Tasha
  8. Snakes
    Is there a list of all the venomous snakes that can be kept without a license? If so where can I find it?
  9. DWA Species
    On my course at college we have to cover the legislation and welfare codes that affect the transportation of exotic animals but I don't know how DWA animals are affected, I know there are some requirements before transporting them but do not know what these are and any help would be greatly...
  10. DWA Species
    Hello, I am in an urgent situation regarding my 3 DWA animals; 1 - 3 foot American alligator, 1 - 3 foot spectacled caiman and 1 - 18 inch Siamese crocodile. I won't go into detail on this thread but I urgently need to house my 3 crocodilians for a few weeks. I have tried all zoos I can...
  11. DWA Species
    Hello everyone :) Just a curious question, Do people have any black widows or Red Backs as pets? I know you'd need a DWA license if you do have one, but how much do they sell for? We probably will never get one but just curious aha Thanks, Ryan and Shannon.
  12. DWA Species
    Hi, I am currently looking to see if there is any interest in a venomous handling course, which would be run in the field in India and certified by a recognised and licensed European Zoo. This course would be aimed at both those looking to work in the field of herpetology and for those who...
  13. DWA Species
    Hi I just wanted to share a photo of my CB14 Sri Lankan Pit Viper - the colours are incredible when you look closely. She's currently around 1ft long and in a medium tall exo terra heated to an ambient air temperature of 24/25c and eating one large pinky per week. When I first picked her up...
  14. DWA Species
    I have the following for sale: 5:2 protobothrops cornutus 2:3 Trimeresrurus puniceus 1:1 vipera renardi 0:0:2 Sistrurus milliarus barbouri 1:1 Springbok Aspidelaps lubricus please PM me for deatils.
  15. DWA Species
    Rattlesnake Canyon is proud to announce that we are now approved as Birmingham's ONLY shop to be able to sell DWA animals. As such we have various species available :- Eyelash Viper cb'14 White Lipped Pit-viper Hundred Pace Pit Viper cb'14 Albino Monocled Cobra cb'15 Pigmy Rattlesnake...
  16. DWA Species
    Re-posting in here because I can't post in classifieds. After sexing my supposed female Dwarf Caiman, "she" has turned out to be a he. For sale is my adult male Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman; around 10 years old and 4 foot long. Immaculate croc and super healthy. Selling because my reptile...
  17. Newbie Advice
    Hi guys was just wondering what is the process nowa days on application and courses to be able to have a dwa:2thumb:
  18. DWA Species
    Hi all.. id like an ID on this please, also some advice and info if possible.. not really knowing much about it, nor have i been given much info myself.. all i know so far is that a DWA license is needed for this snale :s Thanks in advance
  19. Snakes
    pic below taken couple of days ago in Sierra Leone had a look on net but can seem to match it up with owt. only pic i have unfortinatly as locals informed me its quiet nasty lol. cheers!
  20. DWA Species
    Hi All I was wondering if anyone could share some information on the venom composition of two species that I have recently acquired. So far I have printed and kept all the information (next to the snakes vivarium) from the following site; WCH Clinical Toxinology Resources I have found...