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dwarf burm
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    Will be upstairs at Doncaster with: Dwarf Burmese Males, last year's slow feeders so will remain small. £275 Bangka Blood Pythons, 2015, Males £175, Females £225, a pair £350. Photos in my album males 7,8,13. Females 4,5 eating well. A couple of others struck and coiled last night so may...
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    Sad sale but after some soul searching I've decided to minimize my collection of snakes. I've decided to move away from the Spartan style of keeping that tends to be snakes (not judging or accusing anyone just how i feel now) and instead have less animals in larger display style enclosures...
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    well basically im looking at buying a pair of dwarf burms and was just wondering what interest there would be if i were to breed them? let me know your opinions guys.
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    As above, I am able to put up for swap a Nerd line cb11 pastel male royal. Also still looking for a Male jungle carpet python. I have. Few normal cb11 male royals and as mentioned a pastel male available for px or sale.
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    Can i have some info on dwarf burms please? availability, pricing etc. enclosures. could i see some photos of some also please? Thanks
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    Hi I've just built a a few new vivs and am after a dwarf Burmese or super dwarf retic, preferably young. Would possibly like to know line of snake or breeder info to confirm dwarfs ( not looking for a dwarf burn that is 15ft by 2 years old!) cheers let me know wot u have?
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    Just asking are dwarf burms actually sri lanka pythons?
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    I've recently had the pleasure of handling a young dwarf Madu Retic and fell a bit in love with it, and since have been thinking about adding a Madu Retic or a dwarf burm sometime next year to the growing collection. I'd like to hear people's opinions and experiences of keeping either species...
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    Hi guys im thinking about getting a dwarf burmese as one of my LRS has a gorgeus specimin in stock, but my mom has said no despite the fact that they stay much smaller, is there anything you guys can say to help convince her ;) and any info that could help me out? Would i be best to start her in...
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    Are they dearer than normal burms? What size do they max out at? I only have space in my room for a 6x4x3 at the most and i was gonna get an albino burm thats bout 5 foot at the moment, but i don't think i will now as that size viv just wouldn't do him in the future:bash: So what about Dwarfs??
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    hi guys havent been on for a while and thought id post a few pics of my dwarf burm do a lil before an after thingy: victory: before (:flrt:look how teeeeeny tiny he is) and now
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    Hi there due to shitty circumstances im having to get rid off my reps im reluctant to let this one go as he's amazing and love him to bits ,this is just a post of interest really to start with i have a dwarf burmese 09 , feeds great and will eat anything that goes to him, ive seen dwarf burms...
1-12 of 12 Results