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    UK CB21 Spiny Tailed Monitors/Ackies Monitors - Varanus acanthurus Bred from my stunning adult pair (picture included, not for sale), the male is one of the largest I've seen and both are incredibly easy to work with and handle. This was a clutch of sixteen laid with a 100% hatch rate. Both...
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    Hi looking to buy a baby dwarf monitor but not an ackie. As close to Middlesbrough as possible but will travel for the right one.
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    Hi all, looking for a young dwarf monitor (ackie, Peacock, Storrs etc) have a free 4x2x2 viv to fill, i have plenty of experience and time for a new one! :2thumb: Thanks in advance : victory:
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    WANTED: Young Ackie Dwarf Monitor, we are looking for 1 possibly 2 as young as possible, please PM with details Thanks all :)
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    I have a pair of Storr's pygmy monitor lizards for sale. A small, stocky endemic Australian desert species that is getting harder to find in the UK. Many storri are plain and poorly marked, but these have lovely markings - some of the best you will find on this species. No time wasters please as...
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    im currently looking for freckle monitor breeders or shops who have or gonna have in stock.
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    Baby ridge tailed monitors (Varanus acanthurus) I have 2 sibling grown on ridge tailed monitors that are over 4 months old. They are both feeding and growing well. Asking £100 each or £180 for both. Currently living together well but sexes unknown. These are a great beginner dwarf monitor which...
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    I have for sale 4 ridge tailed monitors that are 9 weeks old. They are all feeding and growing well. Asking £90 each but will do discounts on multiples. These are a great beginner dwarf monitor which become nicely tame and very active. Please message me or call me on 07894141573 if you need any...
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    Male. 2010 Missing a few toes, but other wise a lovely boy. Hes been a family pet and part of an exotic's learning program, so hes very good with people and children. Can come with a 3ft wooden viv, uv tube and starter for an extra £20.
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    We are Looking to sell our 2nd Adult Male Kimberly Monitor (Varnus glauerti) Know to us as K2, he was CB 22nd Nov 2012 by Bill33 and is now 25.5cm N-V and 78cm N-T has all his all toes , tail etc intact, eats, sheds and phoo`s for England.
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    Australian Dwarf Monitors Varanus Acanthurus Brachyurus Yellow Ackie Monitor Very good eaters and very active £250 for the pair but offers welcome Hatched in September 2013 Assuming 1.1 due to size by experience Using multi vits/calcium + D3 Bringing the colour out nicely Look really...
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    Hey I am selling my 3 year old Male yellow Ackie monitor with set up. He is 18 inches long, a bit small for a male know. The monitor comes with a viv exotic vivarium which is 48x18x21 and contains exo-terra spot bulb, UV starter + reflector attachment, thermostat, glass stopper, exo-terra...
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    Well I wasnt expecting these to hatch till the 9th but have come early to make my day better after ONLY 101 days in the incubator. First two are out 6 left to go :flrt::flrt: More pics to follow :no1:
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    Selling on behalf of a friend, 18 month old yellow ackie. Eating very well and does everything he should, great temperament. Army posting abroad forces sale.
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    hi all, I've got a spare 4ft viv and I was wondering what species of dwarf monitor I could keep in there either a trio or pair. any info would be great
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    hey all I have beardies am looking for potentially a yellow ackie aside from the obvious things like substrate, how do they compare in intelligence? tameness?/let guard down let them roam around place like beardie?? noise? /jumping at glass/side of viv toliet rate (ive read...
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    Had them about 6 months now so here are some pics as I usually only post on the monitor threads. They have no names still so suggestions welcome :o Set up My big Male Show off Colours :mf_dribble::mf_dribble: My two females I hope anyway
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    I have for sale a female (09) C/b dwarf spiney tail, monior lizard. Nice girl, been fed on a mix of dusted large black crickets/ hoppers and fuzy mice, a couple a week. Hows shes been kept: Habistat dimmer stat controling a white heat bulb. UV 12%. wooden vivarium. Herbi bed sustrate...
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    Unfortunately due to me moving house for work I am downsizing my monitor collection, therefore I have one of my male Ackies for sale. He is nearly 2 years old, just over 1ft long, very health, although we took him off someone who had not kept the humitity in his viv high enough as a youngster...
1-19 of 46 Results