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    I have been looking at getting a dwarf or half dwarf burm for some time. i have a setup ready and now just looking for the right animal. Let me know if you have anything available. thanks in advance, Elliott
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    Due to personal reasons I Need to part with two snakes as they are too large now for my personal circumstances. Female Dwarf Retic Tiger (around 7-8 foot 4-5 years old) Lovely snake, never bit me or anyone as far as I have owned her. highly energetic as these snakes are. and a fantastic feeder...
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    Pairing was unrelated Nicaraguan motley het T+ X Nicaraguan T+. Based in the UK. Available I have.. Motley T+ (£145) T+ (£100) Motley het T+ (£90) Common het T+ (£50)
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    For sale I have 3 male Cordylus tropidosternum, cool lizards, do everything they should and eat everything in site, will also feed from tongs/hand. Not overly keen on being handled, don’t bite there just quick. Asking £60 each, will do a deal on all 3. Can’t upload pictures at the minute but...
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    Varanus Storri (Storrs Monitor) adult 2.5 year old excellent condition Male. Don't see these fellas often, need to sell on for space and rules in new premises. Makes a change from the usual Acanthurus Dwarf ;) Can sell alone £250 Or with a 4x2x2 / 6x1.5x2 vivarium setup for £300 No messing...
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    1.1 Angolan Python pair (Python anchietae) CB 2018 UNRELATED from European breeders (inc paperwork) Both excellent defrost feeders. An easy but rare species. £895 PAIR No swaps or offers please. Free licensed courier option to meeting points at London, Birmingham and Manchester on SUNDAY...
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    CB2018 1.0 Angolan Python (Python anchietae) Young male, defrost feeding. Bred earlier this year in Germany with papers. £575 Can meet buyer in London area or M4 / South West Easy to keep but very rare python. Serious enquiries send a PM...
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    Male is SD purple sunfire - approx 4.5ft Female is SD Lavender - approx 5ft Both are calm and easy to handle Both eating well on medium rats Shed fine Female - £250 Male - £450 Photos via email if you pm me your address.
  9. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    before I start if I am breaking rules please remove this ..... I have come across a add Tortoises Dwarf by hereditary , how is this possible ? yes after years and years I feel it could be possible ?but I keep pygmy hedgehogs have done for years they are nice and small mum and dad then wham you...
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    2015 37.5% SD female purple golden child 6 - 7ft £500 has a mark on her nose from before I got her. Doesn't affect her at all and pretty sure it's not genetic. 2013 Dwarf Proven female lavender albino 10- 11ft £400 Not proven with me but with a previous owner. 2015 87.5% Madu SD female...
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    NIC DWARF BOA MORPHS WANTED Please PM only with what you have Sub Adult / Adults Only
  12. Snakes
    Hey guys, hope everyone is having an excellent weekend. Just wanted to throw out a quick query to see what people may know. Having a browse through lists of different Herps and stumbled across Ungaliophis Continentalis and Ungaliophis Panamensis, sometimes known as Bromeliad Boas or Banana Boas...
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    Multiple times proven 75% Super Dwarf Het Purple Albino Reticulated Python pair for sale. In perfect condition and a great addition to any super dwarf project. Female (pic on chippings) is approx. 9' and was born 2005 and male (pic on card) is approx. 8' and was born 2006. Pic of Purple Albino...
  14. Snakes
    I've been looking for anywhere that supplies dwarfs or half dwarfs in Ireland or the UK, haven't had any look. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to a site or page that does. Thanks.
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    Cb14 male Cb15 female Unrelated Mainly bird eaters Female handles well, male is very feisty Pick up from Leamington Spa
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    Hi all, Sadly I'm having to sell off most of my collection and since these two were my latest additions sadly they are the first to go. Both retics have been fed every 10-14 days so not power fed at all and if it's kept up both should be a fairly small size, both are around the 3-4feet mark and...
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    Natal Midlands dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion thamnobates). A hardy and colourful species that can be kept outdoors during the summer. Photos show the parents, one of last year's offspring, and two youngsters. The young were born in early January and can't be sexed until March. I can give...
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    Looking for a good home for this pair. 5 years old, 62.5% Dwarf Retics with the following genetics. Male is Tiger, 100% Het Lavender Albino, 50% Het G-Stripe. Female is 100% Het Lavender Albino, 50% Het G-Stripe. Both have a lovely temperament and great appetite. Sad to have to part with them...
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    lovely little dwarf hypo blood boa
  20. Snake Classifieds
    Little dwarf male motley 100% het blood Doing all what he should £300