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    Busy making up some jewellery to sell on auctions for dog rescue and wondered if anyone is interested in these. I have lots of the spider charms, but these are the last 2 web charms I have, so the first pair are actually the only ones I've ever made. These are on 925 sterling silver ear wires...
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    So I was playing with Ola the little coati and she climbed on my shoulder. She then took a shining to my earrings so thought she'd give it a tug, cute at first so started to hurt. So I put my hand up to get her off and she must have got jealous and started to savage my ear, GOD IT HURT! She...
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    This is a genuine Dakota rattlesnake rattle on a real leather thong. I can make the thong any length to suit the buyer. Obviously as the rattle is rings of dead skin it isn't heavy. If the buyer maybe wants a couple of metal or semi-precious beads added to increase the weight, I'm happy to do...
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    For sale kids hello kitty earrings they come in Red Dark pink Light pink Orange Purple Blue Green Yellow They are £2.50 each Or 5 for £10 More you buy less you pay P+P is £1.20 for as many as you wish to buy Will accept paypal, postal order or cash on collection
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    Hi all, I have a mixed lot of jewellery that I have acquired but do not wear. I would like to sell as a full lot, but if there is interest in individual pieces for a reasonable offer then I will be happy to split. I would also like to note, these earrings have never been worn as I do not have...
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    Handmade earrings £2 inc p+p :2thumb:
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    Hi, Had a clearout of my jewellery collection and decided to sell these as I have never worn them and to be honest probably won't wear them, am just not a big jewellery wearer. All pieces have never been worn and have been stored in a jewellery box so are in excellent condition. All prices...
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    Just ordered the earrings hooks, they will be silver plated. im going to try and do other stuff than just lizards, but for now its lizards. Earrings £6 Phone danglys £4. Each have £1.50 postage for however many purchased. Below is a phone dangly. Below is the colours you can choose...
1-8 of 8 Results