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    Hi everyone, I've been looking for an egg eating snake for a while now. I recently found two in Southampton at Grange Reptiles but they were brought in from Ghana and are incredibly difficult to handle. Trying to whizz out at super speed, constantly doing their defense mechanism and absolutely...
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    I got an egg eater 3 days ago and despite how harmless she is, I'm terrified of her hissing. I didn't think it'd be bad because my other snake is absolutely fine. I'd even go as far to say he enjoys handling. The newer snake however is so easily spooked that she'll strike at literally nothing.
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    I have a male dasypeltis fasciata and, while he is not old enough to breed, I am looking to find him a lady friend for the future. The only other egg eaters I can find are the dasypeltis scabra and the dasypeltis gansi, but I just really like the fasciata. I know that the majority of egg eaters...
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    One CB15 female and one CB16 dasypeltis gansi, both in good health and eating. Any questions please ask. Looking for £300 ovno in Glasgow but happy to courier at your expense. Possibly into swaps, but no colubrids or royals please. Thanks, Graham
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    Hi, I am after a breeding pair of common egg eaters. I am more than happy with just a single snake to start me off but my ultimate goal is to get some finch's and breed egg eaters.
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    Hi. Im after an egg eating snake! Hatchlings preferred but any age considered!! Thanks
  7. Snakes
    hi i have an egg eater and some of you are aware off on here, but i know how to tube feed etc but i was curios with how much egg i should tube feed my Tansanian egg eater ? I have been giving it 2ml of egg every week, does that sound good or bad ? [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
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    Hi guys just my baby red egg eater going to be selling it. But just some pictures for you guys to see. if you want to know anything about egg eaters go to Home :2thumb: [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
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    Hi guys my beautiful rare red egg eater baby, feeds on finch eggs but there is very few around so i suggest syringe feeding it. Lovely snake not aggressive one bit. I only want to sell to experienced reptile owners who can provide finch eggs or can syringe feed it properly. Thanks [/URL]...
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    Hi guys I want one or two egg eating snake hatchlings/baby's. I prefer the red egg eating snake but no real preference. I am not going to pay stupid prices and I know what they are worth even though they are a rare species. Thanks : victory:
  11. Snakes
    Hi guys I'm new to the forum but I'm an experienced reptile owner. I have had red egg eating snakes in the past probably one of the best species of snake I've ever owned. Lots of people say there aggressive and have feeding problems but that's all a lie they just don't know anything about the...
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    CORN SNAKES - Male inferno (sunkissed hypo amel) cornsnake. does not show any signs of stargazer. CB11. Looking for £50. - Proven female hypo amel motley cornsnake. CB10. Looking for £60. - Female hurricane pewter motley het. Lavender albino cornsnake. CB11. Looking for £80...
  13. Snakes
    Hello Guys, For some reason I cannot view the classifieds page so I thought I would ask here. I am looking to obtain either one of the Dasypeltis species or one of the Leiohetrodon species. I accept these are hard to come by but they both hod particular interest for me. If anyone can point me...
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    Hi, will anybody have any dasypeltis atra egg eating snakes available at Kempton park (or possibly elsewhere and willing to courier). Ideally will be feeding independently rather than tube feeding. Bonus points available for a sexed pair. Thank you, >^..^< Elizabeth
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    No more plans to breed this species, so I have for reluctant sale: 0.1 Proven adult Dasypeltis Medici... Listed at £100, but will listen offers for quick sale. Sold both of my males and her sister earlier this year. Feeds like a pig on large quail eggs. Sheds in one, poo's fine, etc. Great...
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    I bought 2 egg eaters and only really want to keep one so putting common up for sale to see if any interest . Eats quails eggs , handles ok but not great lover of it :2thumb: He is darker one :2thumb:
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    2.0 CB African egg eater, 1 common 5 years old, 1 medici 2 years old, with full setup; £120 0.1 CB09 Columbian rainbow boa with full setup; £100 0.1 CB11 khal albino BCI with full setup; £350 1.0 CB12 anery BCI; £175 0.1 CB10 Mexican rosy boa with full setup. £120 I will post pictures...
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    Hi all i am looking for a snake but must be one of the following 1 rough/smooth green 2 egg eater 3 worm snake unless anyone knows of another that eats eggs or insects ? all ideas as to finding any of the above would be fantastic thanks:2thumb:
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    i have an African egg eating snake (Dasypeltis atra) for sale. These are rarly seen for sale, particullary at full size. The snake is an adult female roughly 2.5 - 3ft long feeding well on quail eggs (Japanese quail size) Looking for £200 ovno. Can supply a viv for her including equipment at...
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    One is a Snow motley stripe Corn Snake Hatchling - male - about 10 weeks old, eating, pooing and sheding fine. £40.00 or nearest offer. Two is a red phase D.Medici Egg eater - female - about 2 years of age. Eats with a bit of stimulation. Only buy if you know what you are doing. Egg eaters are...
1-20 of 27 Results