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egg eating snake

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    Hi I have posted an ad to sell my egg eating snake but cannot find a way to edit the post. Following advice he is now free to a good home. Thanks
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    Hi I'm new to this site and just finding my way around. I have a black Mexican kingsnake who is nine months old and an African egg eating snake who is a similar age. I've had them both about four months. Pedro, the Mexican king eats like there's no tomorrow while the egg eating snake who I call...
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    I got an egg eater 3 days ago and despite how harmless she is, I'm terrified of her hissing. I didn't think it'd be bad because my other snake is absolutely fine. I'd even go as far to say he enjoys handling. The newer snake however is so easily spooked that she'll strike at literally nothing.
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    I have a male dasypeltis fasciata and, while he is not old enough to breed, I am looking to find him a lady friend for the future. The only other egg eaters I can find are the dasypeltis scabra and the dasypeltis gansi, but I just really like the fasciata. I know that the majority of egg eaters...
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    I've been checking what seems like every reptile dealer in the UK for a Dasypeltis medici (African Egg eating snake) for months now but have had no luck in finding one. Does anyone know of a breeder or a place who has them in stock? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've always been...
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    I've been checking what seems like every reptile dealer in the UK for a Dasypeltis medici for months now but have had no luck in finding one. Does anyone know of a breeder or a place who has them in stock? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've always been fascinated by this snake and cant...
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    Hey guys, I’m looking to add some egg eating snakes to my collection. They seem pretty hard to track down and I’m wondering if any of you have some for sale, or are able to point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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    warrington pets and exotics have few, awesome snakes but they wc so not ideal for what im looking for I know the food issue etc ,probably why not see many established cb adults for sale
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    My egg-eating snake (Dasypeltis medici), doing well after 1 year in captivity. She's calmed down a lot and handles pretty well these days. She used to sawscale every time I opened the viv when I first got her.
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    Hi, I am looking to add more egg eating snakes to my collection and breeding programme. I am interested in all species apart from dasypeltis gansi. I am particularly looking for a male dasypeltis scabra, a male dasypeltis medici and a pair of dasypeltis fasciata. I would also be interested in...
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    Ok, so I own a few species of egg eater, including a cb dasypeltis medici and I've just managed to get some wc dasypeltis gansi within the UK. Now I've never seen these on the market during my 8 years of keeping these wonderful animals, so I'm incredibly excited. I have ended up with a pair that...
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    wanted male, Dasypeltis Gantsi (egg eating snake). must be a daypeltis gantsi and male, age un-important. any help finding one would be much appreciated.
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    hi i have an egg eater and some of you are aware off on here, but i know how to tube feed etc but i was curios with how much egg i should tube feed my Tansanian egg eater ? I have been giving it 2ml of egg every week, does that sound good or bad ? [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
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    Hi guys can you check out this :)
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    Hi, I have for sale my baby red egg eating snake. Adorable little thing, it's really tiny and only 6 months old. I'm selling it due to the fact I can't get a supply of finch eggs from anywhere and I'm not experienced at tube feeding snakes. But if you can get a supply of finch eggs regularly or...
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    Hi guys I have an egg eating snake baby only 6 months old and should be on zebra finch eggs but there extremely hard to get hold of so is there any eggs which I can get which are the same size as zebra finch eggs which are more available ? I don't want to tube feed it as I just feel mean and it...
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    Hi guys just my baby red egg eater going to be selling it. But just some pictures for you guys to see. if you want to know anything about egg eaters go to Home :2thumb: [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
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    Hi guys my beautiful rare red egg eater baby, feeds on finch eggs but there is very few around so i suggest syringe feeding it. Lovely snake not aggressive one bit. I only want to sell to experienced reptile owners who can provide finch eggs or can syringe feed it properly. Thanks [/URL]...
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    Hi guys I'm an experienced egg eating snake owner. I use to have some red egg eaters but got rid of them some time ago. But I've started breeding them again. So I have made a website on egg eaters with a care sheet, forum and will be selling red eggbeater hatchlings soon. So please check it out...
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    Hi guys I want one or two egg eating snake hatchlings/baby's. I prefer the red egg eating snake but no real preference. I am not going to pay stupid prices and I know what they are worth even though they are a rare species. Thanks : victory: