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el salvador boa
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    One of the most underrated locality Boas is that from El Salvador. Our female 2014
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    Looking for a female El Salvador boa of breeding size. Thanks!
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    Hello every one I just joined the forum over here in an attempt to get some help tracking down some pure animals that are extremely hard to find over here in the US. Me and one other breeder " the source of my stock" are the only ones I can find in the US and Canada who have 100% pure El...
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    Pair of 06 el salvadors for sale . Female is about 4 foot and the male is roughly 3 and a half foot. Eat ,shed and poo fine . Looking for £200 for the pair ,will not split. Local delivery possible for fuel cost or collection . Willing to courier at buyers expense and arrangement .
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    Hey guys and girls, just bought 1.1 el salvador boa's the other day, currently keeping them on orchid bark (what i had in at the time) and was told they will be fine on it. my OH went to buy some more orchid bark, as i used the last of it on the boa's, and was told that orchid bark isn't good...
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    Just picked this pair up yesterday from JC Exotics in Lincoln (cheers Jim and Graz!) First up is the female. These are from when i got home - the 9L RUB isn't it's home - it was just while i put some holes in a 64L RUB for their temp home. Now the male. Real happy...
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    Just bought 1.1 El Salvador Boa's. They're gorgeous! Just got home now, and about to put them in their new temporary home, pictures to follow (when i get the out to put in the new home!) Thanks Graz and Jim! EDIT: I also got tagged by their adult male scrub, tasty. Pictures of that to follow...
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    Hi, I might get an El Salvador boa. Could someone post a couple of photos or a video. It's on and it says CF. I know this means captive farmed but what is this and how does it affect the snake? Is exoticpets reliable? Does any one else sell hatchling El Salvador boas for less...
1-8 of 8 Results