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    History of the El Salvadoran Enigma. To fully detail the evolution of the Enigma found in pure El Salvadoran boas I have to go back to the beginning. In 1992 Ron St Pierre hand picked some unique boas out of an El Salvador boa shipment. Out of that shipment he spotted some odd looking animals...
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    I haven't posted here in quite a while, but wondering on your thoughts. . I had posted about an unusual baby pure El Salvadoran boa a few years back. Being the baby appeared in a litter of blood and het blood El Salvador boas that the lineage has been traced back to importation. I have verified...
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    They are here!! My St Pierre pure El Salvadorans had a perfect litter of 14!! 3 bloods, 3 near bloods "I say near bloods due to their very red coloration but no black eyes which is a blood trait" 7 hets and 1 that looks hypo?? Very light with reduced patterning?? The parents are also pos het...
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    Found a photo online of a blood morph El Salvador. Anyone seen any or know anyone that has them?
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    my collection is up for sale due to relationship breakdown never thought i would have to do this pair of cali king snakes male brown and white female albino not proven but ready and unrealated £100 trio of proven het for albino garter snakes 2 males one female had 2 albino and 5 normals this...
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    I was planning to foster these to get them back on my return to the UK, but my fosterer has pulled out, so I now need to sell these. I'm crushed to say the least. male is a Sonoran cross, mother was pure Sonoran, father appears to be El Salvadore. mid 2009, bred in Shropshire, and i can find...
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    My pair of El Salvador Boas, high hopes for next season..... 2007 Male, Mordisco 2006 Female, Enojarse
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    At long last I managed to get my hands on a male El Salvador Boa last weekend, he's a 2007 so all being well with my female I have high hopes for next season... Anyway here are some pics, new male................ and his future girlfriend... Thanks for looking, loads more pics of...
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    Took old grumpy pants out for a roam around the garden today and managed to grab some quick pics... Thanks for looking : victory:
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    As we finally had a little sunshine today thought I'd convince the OH to help me get some outdoor pics of a few if my older dwarf boas, so here the are.... Pagan a 2010 Hogg Island Piggy a 08/09 Vera Cruz Jarvis an adult Sonoran and the last one for now Enojarse an adult El...
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    This is Enojarse, she shed a couple of days ago so thought it was high time I got some more pics. Thanks for looking, lots more in my albums :2thumb:
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    Here is Miss. :censor:sy knickers herself "Enojarse" (which is Spanish for angry!!!) just a few pics as she was NOT in the mood..... I did however risk my life and dressed her up as a flower fairy....
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    I'm looking for el salvador boas. Preferably adults but I'll consider younger animals. Please let me know what you have, I'm based in the SE but am happy to pay for a courier.... Thanks for looking __________________
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    Pair of 06 el salvadors for sale . Female is about 4 foot and the male is roughly 3 and a half foot. Eat ,shed and poo fine . Looking for £200 for the pair ,will not split. Local delivery possible for fuel cost or collection . Willing to courier at buyers expense and arrangement .
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    I'm looking for a male El Salvador Boa with good provenance or paperwork. Preferably adult or subadult but would look at tiddlers! I'm based in the SE but happy to organise a courier. Thanks for looking
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    this is our male and female adults [male is darker one] female is an 05 my male keeper born aug 10 that water bowl is 4ins diameter [for scale]
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    having to sell my dwarf el sal and infact entire collection with vivs or without. all feeding and healthy,£60 el salvador 66 %het4 kahl? 0.1 no paperwork hence £70, western hognose 1.0. £45. florida banded water snake free to good knowledgeable home. dont want to sell them but its time to make a...
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    Is anyone working with the above locales this year? I'm very interested in sourcing some cb11 babies... :2thumb:
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    Hi guys, Have been doing some researching and reading and have got myself rather confused lol!!! Have I got this straight now... Smallest locality boas - El Salvador or Sonoran Smallest locality retics - Kalatoa ?????????????????????????????????????????? Also, I realise that each individual...
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    Hi, I got a new hatchling dwarf boa today. I got him in a box about 18cm wide 10cm long and 6cm high. I decided to transfer him to a the cage I had ready for him- 38cm long 25cm wide and 19cm high. I had no trouble moving him which I did by hand but then, just as I lowered him in, I tipped my...
1-20 of 21 Results