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emperor scorpions
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    No longer for sale
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    Emperor Scorpions for sale. £60 each or £100 for a sexed pair. Collection only Southampton.
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    Heavily reducing stock and have a number of these available. Pricing starts from £30 for the smaller ones up to £60 for adult females. Sexed pairs available for £100. Wont post so collection only from Southampton. If needed exo terra vivs can also be supplied at excellent prices.
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    I have for sale a 1.2 of Julie/sub adult emperor scorpions. £25 each or take the 3 for £60 Will not post as getting too cold.
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    SCORPIONS: Emperor Scorpions Unsexed £25 Each SPIDERLINGS LESS THAN 2CM: Brachypelma Emilia (Mexican Red Leg) x1 £14 Brachypelma vagans (Mexican Red Rump) x5 £11 Each Chilobrachys sp. "Penang Pink" (Penang Pink) x2 £10 Each Euathlus sp. "yellow" (Chilie Bumble Bee) x1 £10 Grammostola Pulchripes...
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    WC Emporer Scorpions 4cm £25 Each
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    hi I have a group of 4 Emperor Scorpions was brought as breeding group but only had them a few weeks but need to move them on to help fund another project there are a male and 3 females but I cant sex them myself so can only take the word of person I brought them from but cant see why he'd lye...
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    Selling my colony of 10 adult Emperor Scorpions.. Comes with 2 glass vivariums (one larger one and one smaller Custom Aquaria one). 2 heat mats included. Collection only from London SE19'
  9. Spider and Invert Pictures
    Now who doesn't love that awesome glow that emperors have under a UV light :2thumb: And on that note.... SHAZAM!! And a few more non UV shots ;) As you can see they're juvenielles, I have 3 in total, all communal! Very active emps :2thumb: especially when the light fades
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    Hi, I'm looking from a large adult male and female emperor scorpion or a trio, I already have enclosures so just after the scorpions so if you have any for sale please let me know regards Ben
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    i have some baby emoeror scorpions for sale they vary in size biggest being abit bigger than a 50p coin. eating medium crickets. unsure on sexes as i have been told they are too young to sex. the come in a cricket box with a little milk bottle lid waterbowl and bark hide. i havent put these in...
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    Complete set up with a colony of 5 Emperor Scorpions happily living together. Comes with glass viv & heat mat Viv size: 40cm wide, 30cm deep, 30cm tall message me with your email address for photo's Collection only from London SE19 (near Crystal Palace) Also, individual scorpions for sale...
  13. Spiders and Inverts
    This lil girl had escaped from her inclosure in the shop after a hour of searching I found her and had to have her! She sure is a stunner!
  14. Spiders and Inverts
    hi out there this is my first time on here so take it easy with me, i know its cheeky to ask for something on your first date but i am trying to buy a breeding pair of emperors, if possible, i already have some juvs but i would like to have a go at breeding them, i have all vivs and mats etc...
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    hi i have for sale an adult pair of emp scorpions, believe female is gravid. open to offers will swop for a female crested gecko will pay extra is needed pics can be sent via email any questions please ask.
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    Hey all, I'm looking to sell my 2 unsexed emperor scorpions. They are just under 2 inches at the moment. I'll sell them both together for £15 or £8 each. If you'd like me to post, p&p will cost £6 and they will be sent rmsd. PM me if interested :D
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    I have 3 emperor scorpions (pandinus imperator) for sale. They are roughly 4" in length. They are healthy and eat well. £12.00 each or all 3 for £30.00 I can deliver for £5.50 via rmsd with a heat pad at your own risk. Any questions or photos, please contact me. Many thanks.
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    Pair M/F Emperor Scorpions... 5" in size, Female bit bigger than male. Kept together. Haven't had them long. My new girlfriend not impressed and its causing too much aggro. :lol2: £20 + £5 RMSD = £25 delivered.
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    I still have a few young Emperor Scorpions bred by myself,there are no more imports of these at least for another year (or more).They can be ordered from who kindly post for me.Check out their site for a wide variety of inverts,all CB.
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    Hi folks :) i have for sale Euathlus truculentus AF £20 Grammostola Rosea sling 3cm £2.50 2 x Pandinus Imperator (Emperor scorpions) sub-adults males £10 each or £18 both sold!! If you prefer to swap PM me with what you have :) postage: RMSD £6 or 1st recorded £3 at buyers risk Cheers
1-20 of 25 Results