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emporor scorpions
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    Hey everyone, on the lookout for Imperators. Quite surprised by the lack of them these days, understandable because of the export ban but would’ve thought the hobbyists would’ve managed to of set up some CB breeding by now. I unfortunately missed out on the last lot a long time ago and...
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    Advertising for a friend - i have no knowledge of these or any inverts i will try and answer questions and be as helpful as i can :) A large is Emporor Scorpian its body is the size of a disposable lighter, unsure of sex and have no idea how to sex them, goes a really cool green if put near uv...
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    Hi looking to buy 2 or 3x scorplings, wanna start a breeding/communal setup There's some on spidershop for 8 pounds each, just wondering if anyone had any cheeper? Message me if you have Fresher
1-3 of 3 Results