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    Looking for ENT style vivs!
  2. Amphibians
    Hello guys :))) Introducing one more viv for you :))) Couple pictures :)
  3. Amphibians
    Hi everyone, as I said on another post I want to go from exo terra to ent, but wot sizes would people recommend I can work with.... 45x45x45, 50x45x45 or 45x40x40, 50x40x40, I have oyapok pair, azureus pair, Aruatus accon hill pair, Aruatus bronz and green trio, I suppose it is a matter of...
  4. Ent

    I am looking In to getting ent vivs to replace my exo terras, I no should have Listened.:blush: the drain hole are in the bottom of the vivs so because I have made my shelving means drilling a hole which is no problem but how will it work on the bottom shelving as it is all 3x2 and won't be able...
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    Oophaga pumilio Bahia grande 1.2 confirmed breeding group producing well!! Eggs in set up now! £280 for all 3! 1.1 dendrobate tinctorius attach bakka's £110 I also have a ent style terrarium rack and set ups for sale it is 60 wide 40 deep 40 high each terrarium the rack is 3 high with misting...
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    Dartfrog style glass tank 100x50x50 no electrics £100 ono Sorry for bad picture didn't have time to empy it out.
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    3 large 3 foot by 2 by 2 glass terrariums. Simply too big for what I needed, they are great condition just need a little clean. I would love to keep these and do a large custom background or dart frog viv. £65 each or £180 all 3. Collection only as they are huge! London NW10
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    Hi. I am selling a lot of gear, including planted vivariums. I keep dart frogs and and a number of reptiles, but I am downsizing a bit. I am selling all my gear on Ebay, but if you want to buy any of it now, just let me know and i will take it off. ENT vivarium/terrarium, suitable for Reptile...
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    I have for sale an 80x40x40cm ENT tank for sale. This includes xiam back and sides, 2x fully versatile misting nozzles and plant grow lighting hood. I paid £180 for this several months ago with plants ect but have been a way a few months with this unmisted and the plants have since all died...
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    Due to a weird set of coincidences I have this vivarium again and would like it gone soon. Glass E.N.T. arboreal vivarium in near perfect condition with glass sliding doors. Fine mesh front and roof ventilation. Has a couple of holes in the mesh roof from wires, etc. Comes with 2 easy remove...
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    Glass E.N.T. brand arboreal vivarium in near perfect condition, clean and ready to use. Fine mesh front and roof ventilation. Has a couple of holes in the mesh roof from wires, etc. Comes with 2 easy remove PVC perches, perfect for a GTP/ETB. 60 x 45 x 80 cm with sloped false bottom and...
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    this is a complete set up including all racking and set ups all lighting units and bulbs, it also comes with a rack that fits on the bottom and has matching black sliding doors or leave doors out and add for vivs!!! so there is more racking then whats pictured. To many set ups is the reason for...
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    Hi all Im after a second hand ent viv. Flexible on size at the mo. Obviously best price possible. Looking to purchase immediately. Im in the nw area and will pick up Thanks
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    Looking for a viv for some dart frogs. ENT or exo terra want 40cm cube or there abouts! Thanks.
  15. Amphibians
    Hi all, theres no real 'point' to my question - im just bored and curious really... Im looking to get another ENT viv and im just wondering how everyone lights theres? Ideally id like an external light source, with the potential to use UV if i want to, and i just cant figure out the best way to...
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    Hi guys, A few months back i foolishly sold an ENT viv, and now i could really do with one :devil: The bigger the better but i would consider all in any state - on its own, planted, with bits, without bits - not fussed - try me ;) Im based in manchester city centre but dont mind a bit of a...
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    One used RANA/ENT style viv 50x40x40 in very good nick. Top and front vents. 2 Misting holes above and drainage hole. Cleaned and disinfected. Unplanted but with rear coco panel still attached. FREE :2thumb: large mopani type wood and large cork bark pieces to go with. Bargain at £55 (RRP...
1-17 of 17 Results