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    PICTURES: Alvarezi photos Babies CB 03.2017 feeding on defrosted pinkies Price: 90euro /one or 165euro/pair Offer from Possible pickup at Terraristika Hamm in June Shipment to UK also possible.
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    Male ARBs available [epicrates cenchria alvarezi] Captive bred by myself. All healthy, beautiful animals. Not often seen sub species of rainbow with very simple care requirements and great temperament. They only grow to around 4 feet. Happy to give in depth care advice and aftercare. Please...
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    Hi, I have an adult Colombian Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria maurus), supposedly female but not 100%. She's around 4-5 foot, feeding happily on rodents and chicks. Wanting to move her on to a good home as I don't have the time I used to handle her regularly - she's pretty placed but a bit...
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    Cb 13 epicrates angulifer. Stunning babies and growing like weeds. Experienced keepers only please. Pm for pics
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    I am always on the look out for Argentine Rainbow Boas to add to my collection, preferably adult females but all considered. Also on the look out for other epicrates sub species, again any considered. Let me know if you have anything now or in the near future. Thanks :2thumb:
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    Hi all, Due to downsizing a bit further I have 1.1 Cuban boas available. Setups can come with them if you need them. They are old and rubbish though but will come with ceramic heaters/cage and stats. Will sell the pair for £200 with setups. A species which is rarely offered for sale...
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    Since there is very, very little information on Cuban boas (Epicrates angulifer) and i recently obtained two siblings male and female, and am deciding what to do with them long run, I have some questions. Questions that might cause arguments, so try to keep civil... As they are currently very...
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    Can anybody give me a quick guide to this snake? Vivarium size, care requirements, adult sizes, how common they are and what a good price is. I am checking the internet but it doesn't seem to know a great deal more than me about them.
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    I will be looking for a breeding epicrates project later in the year, don't mind growing on babies but need to find breeders beforehand so I can work out what I need to save. I'm particularly interested in Jamaicans but also other less common species, ie. haitians, dominicans, not BRBs. I...
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    Peruvian Rainbow Boas, stunning babies feeding like pigs! £400 pair £195 single males!
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    Description:CB2008 - Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Epricates Cenchria cenchria) Male - £130.00 CB2009/2010 - Pastel Boa (Boa Constrictor imperator) Female - £95.00 CB2008 - Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons (Morelia Spiloita harrisoni) Male & Female Available - £149.99 each or £275.00 for the pair. CB2008...
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    looking for 1.1 jamaican boas with papers any age also male cuban boa sub-adult and 1.1 epicrates striatus hiaitian boas pm what you have
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    1.1 Available - £110.00 each Feeding great, lovely small species.
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    I have a proven breeding pair of Brazilian Rainbow Boas for sale. The male is about 6 years old and the female about 5. I also have a 9 year old female which has never been bred. £400 the trio or make me an offer. I also have a pair of Paraguayan Rainbow Boas for sale. They are 4 years old and...
1-14 of 14 Results