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    Vasques coming on nicely, shocked that the white is till coming through :2thumb:
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    1.1 GREEN TREE PYTHON (Morelia viridis) - UNRELATED - EU BRED, 2016 + PAPERWORK 0.1 Sorong £450 CB 2016 France + paperwork. Vet probed as female. Electric blue dorsal line. 1.0 Jayapura £450 CB 2016 Belgium + paperwork. Sibling of high yellow, lots of blue on sides. 1.1 PAIR £850 Both calm...
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    Decided enough was enough with a conventional method of raising neonate Corallus species so put pen to paper and this is the end result. Comments would be welcomed.
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    Emerald tree boas. Adult Pairs for sale. WC and LT. Please dont expect tame captive bred snakes. Caiman Lizards also available. email me. [email protected]
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    All I seem to see these days so thought id go into pure breeding, unrelated bloodlines!! Believe it or not these animals still do exist!!
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    Emerald Tree Boas (Northerns) sexed breeding trio which have both locked with the male. Male is 2010 and Females are both 2011 I am selling because I need room for my ETB basins. They are all on medium rats they are all in A1 condition,feeding,shedding & popping. All 3 are stunning. They are all...
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    Almost had him 12 months now. Was only as thick as the branch when I got him! Coming on well I think
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    GREEN TREE PYTHON (Morelia viridis) - 'HIGH YELLOW' YAPEN cb2014, Europe - with Paperwork Suspected female (from shed vents) but not yet probed. 'High yellow' - underwent colour change around 1 year ago but has been as appears in photo for last 6 months. This photo taken yesterday. Calm...
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    As you can see, Corallus Caninus should never be handled at night when its in hunting mode!!! : victory:: victory:: victory::flrt:
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    Last of the collection - 1.1 BCA 2010 £400 ETB CB2013 £400 Female CB10 German bloodline Jungle carpet (precision) £180 Female CB07 Mark Mense Black and white Jungle £150 1.1 CB13 Diamond pythons Pictures are all on threads in the classifieds, search my profile and they will be there...
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    For sale is a stunning pair of etbs. They are approx 4 years old. Currently live together happily but are up for sell seperately for £400 each or £700 for them both.if bought together they can with the viv they come in which will need upgrading eventually but has a digital thermostat which cost...
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    Just a few updated pictures of my ETB.
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    well hope these picys you guys can see.. the little one has settled in and really chilled out.....who says ETB are a pain.. thanks to rob on this site who sold the little one to me... as he said they can be easy to keep...looks like ive got a good un... tho i do keep all my snakes in the best...
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    Just thought I'd post a pic or two, of my new northern emerald tree boa, he/she is a cb13, still quite small, but seems to have settled into his/her new home. Was watching him in the night, was climbing and exploring his/her new home, most of the night. Hoping will get the full emerald colour...
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    I was wondering if there is any good books for Emerald Tree Boas, like The More Complete Chondro by Greg Maxwell is for the Green Tree Python? I haven't found any.
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    Hi, I'm setting up my new viv for an emerald tree boa, I know they need high humidity, I'm going to hand spray like I do for my gtp, but I saw on a YouTube video, he used a normal humidifier instead of a reptile one, because it was cheaper and it outlasted the reptile model. I saw one on eBay...
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    We have the following CB Emerald Tree Boas (Corallus Caninus) available; All feeding and defecating regularly with discount available for multiples, No swaps at this time Delivery available or courier arranged at buyers cost NSR – 0026 – CB2013 - £400.00 NSR – 0025 – CB2013 -...
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    Testing the water not 100% sure I can bring myself to sell yet....Female emerald tree boa, cb, sheds in 1 everytime, feeds well on frozen small rats, comes with an arboreal rhino viv with a rain system and a 500 watt microclimate ahs heater... Can email more pictures etc Just wanting to know if...
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    does anyone on this in england or scotland know a ETB BREEDER... with good prices.. private mail me thanks :) :whistling2:
1-19 of 49 Results