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    2009 1.1 pair Yellow Anacondas Female 9 feet (dark black saddles) Male 7 feet (hypo / blotched saddles) Have locked during breeding season but no luck this year. I've had the female for more than 3 years and never a bad mood, bite or musk, the male for 18 months and again not an aggressive...
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    1.1 Adult breeding pair of yellow anacondas. Bought from Donny show in 2011, they mated right up until the end of last year. From what I've read from various sources, gestation is typically 6-9months. There is a slim chance the female is gravid; and there's been no mating activity since the...
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    My local pet store has in a male green anaconda. The manager tells me that it was given to him as a E. m. gigas, and I have fallen in love with this snake. He's currently about 5' long, apparently some 3 years old, and, though hella cage-defensive, he's pretty tame to handle (which is the sort...
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    2 x WC Suriname Emerald Tree Boas. 2 x Females. (1 = 24-30", 1 = 30-36") Wormed and rehydrated. £575.00 each or £1100 for the two. Ovno 1.0 - CB10 Jayapura Green Tree Python, loads of blue. £400.00 CB10 - Biak Green Tree Pythons 2 x males. 30" + £325.00 each 2 x unsexed Green Anacondas...
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1-5 of 5 Results