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  1. Introductions
    Hello! After weeks of decisions and research, I've finally bitten the bullet and bought a bearded dragon :2thumb: we pick him up on Tuesday. My son named him Lino, so yes he shares him name with a popular kitchen floor :lol2: Nervous about the live food but I'm sure we'll be fine once we get...
  2. Snake Pictures
    :flrt:I have her and i am so happy ! Here so pictures Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet she is called lotus Pufhuf:blush:
  3. Spiders and Inverts
    Tomorow morning I'll be getting my very first Tarantula!! Always wanted one but never had the balls to go out and get one. I wont lie, spiders aren't in my good books but still I'm dead excited!! And I've also heard that the baptism of fire is a good way to help dealing with fears so I've done...
  4. Lizard Pictures
    This was taken when is was newly hatched on 22/06/12 This one was taken on 26/06/12 and this is a more recent one taken on 31/07/12 Im too excited to hold it all in, i cant wait to bring this little one home with me. he/she is beautiful :) It will be my first crestie and...
  5. Lizards
    I got them today, They are two males called Jax and Dexter, But if they fight, We got a back up tank, BUT I AM SO EXCITED! I was holding them but i put others before me so i let them settle in their home, Then got them out, Now i am letting them relax again. Jaxs he is more lively, A bit fatter...
  6. Spiders and Inverts
    Ok ok ok....bit of a minging thread title but for a good reason! Was already excited about my Ephebopus Murinus sling coming on tueaday but there's been further developments! :gasp: Im now also (hopefully) gonna be receiving a juvie Ghost ornamental, a Bengal ornamental sling, a juvie Fringed...
  7. Lizards
    Hey all I have had my beardie for 2 years now. He is an adult and since he has matured he has always been lazy. Suddenly he is really excited and is running about everywhere. This all just happened this evening. I didnt change anything. I am wondering why he is so energetic? Thanks James ...
  8. Snakes
    roll on 27th december bcos i am off to meet Doogle in Caerphilly to pick up my gorgeous new boys- an anery lavender male and an amel het caramel, lavender ph anery motley. they are both soooooooooooooo pretty and i am eargerly counting down the days :2thumb:
  9. Snakes
    Well.... I have been waiting AGES.... Well couple of days actually!!! But tomorrow I'm picking up my new butter motley corn!!!!:flrt: she's going to be called Skelly!!!! So can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Snakes
    hiya today i went food shopping with my nan & noticed some cheap 64ltr storage boxes only £4 each!! i told my nan they would be great for "organizing my stuff" *cough*keeping snakes in*cough*:whistling2: so she brought me 2, i was going to pay myself but she insisted she would pay:blush...
  11. Lizards
    Just come off the phone to my dad, who has just picked up my new girl crestie! I'm so excited! Can't wait to get her home! :2thumb: Although it's gonna be around half 10 by the time he gets home, I can't wait that long! I'm such a little kid when it comes to getting new pets! :flrt:
1-11 of 12 Results