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    I was taking my two Cavalier King Charles out for a walk earlier like normal and bumped into a woman that has two amazing Rottweilers and we got talking as I see her quite often. She said something about I walk my dogs a lot and I just casually said I am not a fan of walking only on the lead...
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    Carolina Storm wheels available in the UK I am due to import two large batches of Carolina Storm Wheels from the USA in the next few weeks, i have them for sale on e bay for pre-order and can also take advance orders via paypal. Its a large investment to bring them in so taking some advance...
  3. Snakes
    Does giving snakes exercise make them grow faster than having a lazy snake?
  4. Other Pets and Exotics
    For those of you that have read my previous threads I am currently investigating different dog breeds in the hope of getting a second in the future. Obviously size, mental stimulation and the dogs temprement are very important in getting a new breed but its easy to find information about that...
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    Hi As above i have an ab lounger XL for sale. Rarely used and in great condition. Sorry having nightmare posting pics so if anyone interested can send you a pic via email. Thanks:2thumb: Mhairi
  6. Other Pets and Exotics
    The only jack russells that I have known to be nice, and not yappy hyper things, are farm dogs :P I'm guessing its because of the amount of exercise they get? Would three 30 minute walks throughout the day, and constant access to a large garden keep a jack russell happy?
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    Lots of gym equipment to go. Reebok 75cm Exercise Ball Pro Power 6kg Medicine Ball York Weight Bench 1x York 5ft Chrome Bar with 2x Locking nuts 2x York Chrome Dumbell Bars with 4x Locking nuts The following are all cast iron York weights: 4x 10kg 4x 5kg 4x 2.5kg 6x 1.25kg 6x 0.5kg These...
1-7 of 8 Results