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exotic leaf eater
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    Mix with water to a mushy paste to create a complete food with all the essential nutrients which may not be found in fresh raw food. Adding this to your pets diet will help provide the high levels of fibre essential for these species; no sugar is added to this diet. Exotic Leaf Eater is...
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    Brown's Exotic Leaf Eater is the perfect blend for quality and digestibility and has no artificial colouring or flavour. The beneficial properties follow as such: High in Vitamins and Minerals Can be used as a complete diet Locked in aromas and flavours No additional supplements (Calcium & D3)...
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    I have for sale some surplus exotic leaf eater diet. I got this sack last week and the best before date is about a year from now(im away from home at the min so will add the proper date to all bags sold and on here) so it is nice and fresh. This is ideal for people not wanting to buy a...
1-3 of 3 Results