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  1. Exotic Mammals
    Me and my fiance recently bought a sugar glider from Amey Zoo in Bovingdon, she was advertised as "hand tame" and on the phone with Mark he told us that he had her in his hand at the time, we drove for nearly 2 hours (in which time Mark bumped the price up by £25) trying to find this place...
  2. Exotic Mammals
    Hope this works ok as ive never done it before... This is a picture of baby marmalade ,,a geoffroys marmoset with a story.. This is him with his adopted dad.. Mum used to be with a different male at a close friends..She had babies twice whilst with him and both times he ate the young..First time...
  3. Exotic Mammal Care Sheets
    I was just wondering if any one can give me any tips. In September me and my boss will be starting building our pen for our meerkats. I was just wondering can any wan give me any tips before we start. Thank you
  4. Exotic Mammals
    So until last week, I was convinced that distemper vaccine's can be deadly to the raccoon's therefore not worth the risk. And imagine my surprise when after a check-up with my new vet this 'fact' was proven wrong. Apprently only the distemper vaccine that they use in the US carries this risk...
  5. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Mixed collection of exotic mammals for sale, not all kept at home for privacy reasons so post code not applicable to all animals. Can arrange delivery to most parts of UK for small fees as have a friend who travels lengths most weeks. Most animals are surplus stock or excess youngsters. More...
  6. Exotic Mammals
    Hello im new to the forum, ive done a few animal corses at college and i now work as an animal tech at the college i studied. (also please excuse my spelling) Question 1 The head of the animal section has said they want the mammal room to have more exotic animals as well so far there is...
  7. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Coatimundi's (Nasua Nasua) We have a trio of hand tame Coatimundi's 1.2 available. 09 born unrelated. For more info please email: [email protected]
  8. hi

    Exotic Mammals
    hi i am opening a zoo/adventure park approved by council and got zoo license and dwa and public liability and 20 acres of land and lots of money to spare ,im not going to join any special organisation like biaza or eaza at this moment i wana stay a small zoo and adventure park. i am looking for...
41-48 of 48 Results