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  1. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    For people on here from the US, does anyone know about any reptile expos in New Hampshire or Maine?
  2. Snakes
    Anyone on this forum getting involved with this?
  3. Reptile Couriers We have just 2 BOXES for the next InteRep courier run to: Hamm Show, Germany - December 9th £50 PER BOX (One of our 6.5 lt RUBs inside our thermostatically-controlled transport units will hold 6 juvenile hognoses or 1 adult royal, for example. Boxes for larger animals...
  4. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Hi Guys So im looking to go to my first show this year, our in the next couple of weeks at that, Originally Hamm was on the cards as it sounds like a cracking show but im from Southren Ireland and the logistics of going to Hamm look abit on the daunting side, I them came across the doncaster...
  5. EU Shows
    2 SEATS AVAILABLE FOR HAMM SHOW 12th OF MARCH 2016. Very experienced exhibitor at European shows for years, I'll be driving over to Hamm again this March and will have two seats potentially available. Please read the following notes CAREFULLY to make sure this suits you and I'll give interested...
  6. Snake Classifieds
    I know its obviously a long shot. But I just wondered if anyone had any rhino rat snakes available or if anyone is going to the Houten Reptile expo and could look for me / purchase on my behalf? Ive kept this species before and my last rhino passed away from cancer 2 months ago so I'm desperate...
  7. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Been down to donny and loved it when's the 2015 dates and what's the dates for any others you know about similar size etc
  8. Snakes
    Appologies in advancve as im not sure if this is the right place for this post. It will be my first time going to the expo this year and I was wanting to know a few things before I go... 1) can you buy reptiles from there or is it just for show? 2) if I can buy from there is it like a first...
  9. Snakes a seller? Hi guys. As the title says, I live in Sweden. And I am breeding boas, leopard gecko's and hoggies. My plan is to try to go a little bit more out on the European market. Are there any English expo's that I can attend? When I read some of the treads on here about sale shows, I...
  10. Lizards
    just wanted to know if any1 knew the dates of any shows next year???
  11. Snakes
    well, as title says..Whos going to Chepstow racecourse for the reptile expo this weekend? Ive never been before and just wondered how busy it gets. I think its something to do with creaks
  12. S.R.A.S
    Tuesday 6th August 2013 is the last day that SRAS will be taking membership to guarantee entry into Kempton. If you join after this date we cannot guarantee that you will receive your membership pack in time for Kempton - We will of course do our absolute best but you have been warned ;) We...
  13. IHS Doncaster
    I know there was a lot of legal trouble lately around the Donny shows. My question is are people still selling their stock at the expo? And is it legal. I read somewhere that it is as long as its in the actual place and obviously if outside in a shady car park it's considered illegal. Am I...
  14. P.R.A.S
    is anyone else really excited? What's everyone aiming for this year?:no1: animal and equipment wise? :D
  15. Bugfest
    The first of what is hoped to be a number of national Bugfest events. The Bedford Insect and Spider Show Saturday 17th August The Bunyan Sports Centre Mile Road Bedford MK42 9TS 11-4pm This will be the biggest show we have ever undertaken, and with 127 tables to fill, it will no doubt be...
  16. Breeding
    I didn't know where to post this but I was thinking of going to a expo soon to see what is out there and I wondered if the prices would be more expensive in a expo than a normal pet shop
  17. Snakes
    Hey guys.. May sound like a strange request but could anyone that owns a boa rack please post a picture of it here... Just realized that I will have the room for a 6ft one in a couple of months... Much appreciated, Ice blood exotics
  18. Snakes
    hi guys can i have a list of dates please for the main places like kempton expo doncaster and hamm and stuff please-thanks in advance:no1:
  19. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Are there any Expos happening before the end of the year
1-19 of 90 Results