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fake rock build
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    Good evening, It saddens me to say this but I have finally decided to sell my pride and joy. Unfortunately the vivarium does not fit in my new flat and with it cluttering up my girlfriends parents’ house, it needs to go to a new home. For those of you who would be interested in seeing its...
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    this 4.1ft long x 2.1ft deep x 5ft tall was built by myself and has housed 2 royals for about 4 months, selling due to lack of space need the same amount of space but housing more snakes as this was purely decorative i have now decided that i am going to build a 4x stack......this cost an arm n...
  3. Habitat
    First post, i'm currently building a fake rock enclosure for my Leo, just finished the grouting. The plan is to paint it next, i was thinking of sealing the paint with clear water based varnish, will this be ok to use? The next contentious point is that im planning on covering the rocks with...
  4. Habitat
    Hey everyone, This is my first ever fakerock build!! I know its not great but take into consideration im 17 and its my first ever design!! Haha So take a look and tell me what you think!! Thanks, Enjoy.
  5. Habitat
    Hi Guys, Ive recently acquired a Whites Tree Frog and had the fella in a 12x12x12 tank. However, I decided to make myself a fake rock background within a wooden viv. The dimensions of the viv are 24x18x16. Below is the build throughout all its stages minus the application of aquarium...
  6. Habitat
    This is my second attempt at building fake rock structures, so here are the pics, will be doing 3 - 5 layers of grout, with dark brown paint and yacht vanish Gemma
  7. Habitat
    Hi Guys, SO I am attempting a fake rock build for my newly aquired White Tree Frog. I am building it within a wooden vivarium and i know people say to keep them in glass. however, i WILL be coating the whole wooden viv in mutilple layers or aquarium sealant to make it completely water tight...
  8. Habitat
    Hiya, Just wondering if I added acrylic paint to grout to colour it, would it ruin the grout, and would it work? Has anyone tried it? It would be for my fake rock build. Thanks, Gemma
  9. Habitat
    Hiya, I'm just going to B&Q now to get the materials I need for a fake rock build. I was just wondering do I need to buy varnish, or can I just do 3-5 layers of grout? I have heard some people talking about using varnish, but I presumed it was just personal prefererance rather than a...
  10. Habitat
    hey, after looking after all of the fake rock build you guys have been making i decided to have a go for myself to give my leo's something new to explore and climb on. this is the first stage (Polystyrene Build) of what my fake rock build will look like: next step is to cover it in...
  11. Habitat Pictures
    welllllll this was scarey stuff but I've started.... A 4x2x2 viv with the glass taken out and a poly sheet cut to fit.... you can see that I have increased the height at the front with more polystyrene as I am hoping it will keep the sand out of the runners!
  12. Lizards
    hi i have recently built my first fake rock for my vivarium. it was built from polystyrene coated in grout painted with plasti-kote stone effect painted coated in pure PVA i have noticed that where my gecko goes to the toilet it has started to disolves the PVA and when i spray water mist into...
  13. Lizards
    Hello People am planning my first fake rock build for my green iguana. Its going to be a hide up on its own shelve. My plan is to have a 3ftD by 2ftL 1.5ftH Den sitting on wall brackets. Its going to be a simple shape. Could someone please list the items that I would need for this. Dont want...
  14. Habitat
    this is it afte grouting and this is after the first coat of paint and maybe its only coat not sure yet let me know what ya think
  15. Lizards
    hi could you please take a look at the link below need a little help thanks
  16. Habitat
    Hi seen peoples set-ups with them in they look really cool so i thought i would have ago. This is it so far its all held together with tooth picks at the moment the stairs had fun with them What do i don next? Glue it with PVA GLUE or SILICONE any tips would be welcome. this is...
1-16 of 17 Results