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  1. Snakes
    Hi guys, Regular reader, not so regular poster - I had to sign up with a new account as I could not reactivate my old one after a password reset (email came through, clicked link, but would never reset password!). Anyways, I've been building a new viv for my Boa, and it's reaching the closing...
  2. Habitat
    Is there any good guides on how to make good scenary/platforms using things such as polysterene and otehr crafting materials? There was a really good thread i read on here about how he'd got fake rock and covered it in pva and tissue paper and spray painted it but i seem to have totally lost...
  3. Habitat
    Finally my second ever fake rock viv build, after my Bearded Dragon build I done a few years ago on here I have been dying to do another one of these. I have my blue foam, Christmas is all done and dusted, I have got a start on my Leopard Gecko viv project. I got wood from a local timber...
  4. Habitat Pictures
    I done this a while back before I got my Chinese water dragon. I'm getting started on a bigger home for it soon, but as it's small now, this enclosure is fine. Equipment and materials I used: 24" x 18" x 24" Exo terra viv Some offcuts of kingspan board Some branches that I cut, stripped...
  5. Habitat
    I made a build a few years ago, using Space Board. But it seems that stuff no longer exists, I have hunted every B&Q, HomeBase, you name it I have been in it. I even rang the company to which they told me they no longer make it. I know the material is "extruded polystyrene". I am looking to...
  6. Habitat
    I started this project about a year ago and had planned on doing a build thread but for one reason or another I got side tracked and put the project on hold. I have just recently finished it so thought I would share:
  7. Habitat
    Hi Guys, I'm embarking on my first fake rock build for my beardy and after some pretty thorough research I've got just about everything laid out. One question though - do you grout and varnish the ENTIRE construct, i.e the backs and bottom as well as the reptile facing parts? Thanks! Rob
  8. Habitat
    I have just finished Uni and so have a nice free summer before I start my PhD. Perfect time to try making some bits and pieces for vivs! This is the first time I've done anything like this but I'm pleased with it so far. Its for a leopard gecko. Going to start with the grout tomorrow :)
  9. Habitat
    I just finished my fake rock build, how long should I leave it to air out? Was thinking around 7 days would do. This was my sealant (low voc): Ronseal Quick Drying Varnish (Matt: Clear) Should 3 coats of this be enough? Ronseal Quick Drying Varnish Matt - Clear - 750ml from
  10. Habitat
    Hi all, Will upload pictures ASAP this viv is for a desert hairy scorpion and its my first ever attempt. I will be posting my progress as I go. Quick question, whats the best way to grout the structure without losing any of the texture?
  11. Habitat
    I have been meaning to detail the technique and mix for making the fake rock I have been showing here for a while. Technique 1: Hollow Rocks Hollow rocks are basically a lighter way to create the same look as solid rocks. This is a useful technique where they are being built in a tank that...
  12. Habitat Pictures
    Few pictures of my new set up for my leo. First time iv attempted a fake rock but iv tired to maximise space and make it worth climbing around. Still got some tidying to do. But phase one done :2thumb:
  13. Habitat
    As the title says this is gonna be my first go at a fake rock wall. I'm building it in two sections, one covering the side of the viv and the 2nd covering most of the back. The sections will be siliconed in place when finished. The original plan was to use kingspan but in wickes i could only...
  14. Habitat
    So today I went in search for Kingspan, and despite being assured by kingspan's website that my local B&Q stocked it, they stared at me blankly and said computer says noooooooo! I explained it was Polyurethane foam, again computer says nooooooo! So off I went to Wickes and homebase, again...
  15. Habitat
    So I finally got round to finishing my background! It was a project to work on in and around revision for my finals at uni and so has taken forever to complete! But here it is, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and I made it removable so when the carpets need to be moved to a taller...
  16. Habitat
    Hi to everyone at RFUK, I'm currently constucting a fake rock build for my Bearded Dragon and have got to the stage of paint covering. Now the problem arises......Can i or can't i use oil based paint? I have read a fair few comments on various sites saying, YES you can use oil based paint to...
  17. Habitat
    Hi, Im building a table waterfall feature with a basking spot for my lizards to have there baths in. I cant find any decent containers with odd shapes and ive seen people build up a pool with polystyrene and grout and seal. Does anyone know of any good places to get interesting shape bowls or...
  18. Habitat
    Hi What would be the best way of cleaning a fake rock set up to ensure it is bacteria free ?
  19. Habitat
    Hi Guys My first Beardie died after one month of having him :-( the vet is sure this was because there were still traces of coccidia and other parasites present in the second hand viv and furniture we perchased second hand, I gave everything a good clean but didnt know coccidia could not be...
  20. Habitat
    so its been a while... previously been short on space made a few vivs and backgrounds but had a while off while the baby grows a little... (aparently a newborn child isnt a pretty when coverd in no more nails and grout) lol so im in no way shape or form any good at diy or majestic arty...
1-20 of 93 Results