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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    15 sheets of 23 x 15 inch polystyrene Sheets are 1" thick. Free - Collection only!
  2. Habitat
    After being inspired by some of the backgrounds I saw on here and wanting a new project to get stuck into i decided that I'd have a go at building a fake rock background for my largest vivarium. The viv measures 52" L x 27 X W x 36" H and previously housed a 6ft boa which has since been moved...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Hello, I have for sale a 5x3x2 foot custom built vivarium, oak, with 6mm toughened glass and is on wheels. It has a fake rock background (very smart) and all equipment; uv, uv controller, ceramic heater and holder. Viewings are very welcome. You can see a picture here - Preloved | 5 foot...
  4. Habitat
    Hello all, I'm in the process of creating a fake build for my corn snake vivarium. I plan to create a tree with branches coming from the trunk for the snake to climb up etc. My question is, what do you guys use to put over the expanding foam? Do you just paint it or do you cover it in grout...
  5. Exotic Mammals
    I have just had a "scammer" try to get money out of me. This was a classic scam and frankly I could see it from the first email, this was done via email, probably picked up off preloved but they will try from anywhere. I was not sure where best to post a warning but felt it best to warn any...
  6. Habitat
    Hi, I want to get some fake plants to put in my lizard vivs and the snake tubs. I would buy the ones from reptile shops but I think they are quite expensive for what they are. I have read that you can buy decent ones from dunelm. Are they good quality and good value for money? Is there...
  7. Snakes
    not sure what species the above snake is and i dont know if it was photoshopped, but still, even if it is real, it cant be!
  8. Equipment & Supplies
    just been today and got all this for around £15.. cant complain!
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    want alot of fake plants, now obviously if your wanting shop prices for them then this thread will be pointless because i could goto ebay for that, im just asking incase anyone has a load of spare ones they would be willing to let go for cheap!
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi I have various bits and bobs for sale, all prices include p&p: Exo Terra Large Hide Cave x 2- £6 (please specify which colour) Medium Exo Terra Hide Cave - £4.50 Large Flat Exo Terra feeding dish/bowl - £6 3 x Mason Cash Bowls: 1. 7" £4.50 2. 5" £3.80 3. 3.5" £2.80 and 4. 2.5"...
  11. Habitat
    Hi as the title says, can i see pictures of your Royal python vivs, any natural realistic looking ones preferably, new snake owner looking for inspiration for a future viv build for my hatchling royal :), i did see one on here months ago that a girl did and it looked amazing, all made from...
  12. Equipment & Supplies
    I'm currently redesigning my boa's viv interior for a big face lift. So at the moment I'm scouting for anything in terms of fake branches or even tree's that can support the full weight of an adult BCI. I'm open to any suggestions for DIY work but not a very crafty person but hey, I'll have a...
  13. Habitat
    Hey everyone, I have recently finished my first fake rock structure build, and I have been researching various sealants on this site and I think "Thompsons water seal" sounds like the most viable option for me. This is due to me doing a mini build in the past for my bearded dragon which I...
  14. Habitat Pictures
    Hi all, just thought we would share our viv with you from start to eventually finish. We've had viv made, I made stand for it to sit on, and now Im working on background. Ive fixed the lights up today and am running lights to check/ adjust temps and dimmer stat at mo. This will be our first BD...
  15. Habitat
    HEY EVERYONE i got another simple and easy to make tutorial a fake tree stump first get a hollow tube for the base i coated this in grout for extra water resistance then using expanding foam create some roots let the first ones dry and then add some more if needed you can...
  16. Habitat
    Hey guys, i was wondering if you know where the best place to be to buy cheap fake plants, for my leo's. All the ones i'm seeing are like £11.99 for single vines!:gasp:
  17. Habitat
    hey, i want one of these but was wondering if you could redo the tut on how you sculpted/created the dino skeleton, either that or i'll pay you for something simular hope you dont mind me borrowing your pics?!
  18. Equipment Classifieds
    I need quite a few large fake vines and plants for a cham tank, but brand new they are all like £12 a vine! Does anyone have any lying around I can buy from you? Cheers
  19. Habitat Pictures
    My mourning gecko trio are due to be moved to their forever home. I got a 45x45x60 exo (seems a bit massive, but I will eventually have about 8 or so geckos in it when they decided to lay) and following ch4dg's tutorials/guides (which are awesome! keep doing them), particularly...
  20. Habitat
    Being a perfectionist, whenever I see threads on here that are "rock backgrounds" made from polystyrene, grout and painted/drybrushed I can't help thinking that they all look pretty similar - and not a huge amount like rock :lol2: I needed to find a way to make a rock wall background for my...
1-20 of 94 Results