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false water cobra
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    Looking to buy a male preferably young/juvenile, can’t really travel so would be using courier. Let me know!
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    Looking for a false water cobra, I live East of the UK near Peterborough. Looking for someone who can deliver to me, willing to pay for the fuel cost too. PM me your prices.
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    large adult male false water cobra, 5 years old
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    1.1 CB15/16 False Water Cobra's. Female CB15 normal, male CB16 hypo. Not for beginners. £200 each or £360 for both.
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    Wanting to buy a false water cobra, doesn't matter on age or sex.
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    I have a couple of unsexed CB18 False water cobras ready to go, feeding well on unscented pinks.
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    Female Hypo False Water Cobra, around 7ft, excellent to handle, great example of falsies, does everything she should. £140, could come with 6x2x2 viv for extra. She is large enough and old enough to breed, but has never been bred. Delivery of her is possible (for fuel money) but not the viv...
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    False Water Cobra Babies (CB16) 8 Weeks Old All Eaten at least Twice 4 Female/ 6 Males (18+ Only - Venomous) Parents can be Seen on Request Contact us: Email: [email protected] Kim: 07969590108 Amber: 07490 357677
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    1x CB15 Female False Water Cobra 10x CB16 False Water Cobras All £100 each Will be letting them go after they have had 3 feeds and 3 sheds Experienced Keepers as they are rear fanged venomous Will except lowest of £80 for the CB15 female Pictures of each will be up tomorrow All will be...
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    i can't seem to upload pictures so please request and i can email them over! all priced but will take nearest offer! will be at doncaster or courier at buyers expense 1.0 black head python £350 0.1 10ft albino burmese (very friendly) £150 0.1 10ft african rock python (clutch this year) £150...
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    CB 15 Baby False Water Cobras for sale asking for £100 each.
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    I'm looking to rehome my fasle water cobras, A none related pair. They were brought into the Uk as most of the UK's are inbred. I'm looking for £170 ONO if you are interested please send me a message and i'll send over some photos.
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    Hi all, having to sell on most of my snake collection due to other commitments, taken a long time to come to this decision as these snakes are my pets. Unless otherwise mentioned, all these snakes eat, poop and shed well. I don't know any of the sexes 100%, they've not been probed. No proof of...
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    can send pictures by contacting me or if you want to make an offer, no time wasters please Am selling due to going to university, also have a king rat snake for sale. Coming up to 2 foot and hoods and gets stroppy but its never tried to bite me its all bluff.
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    I am looking for a hypo/super false water cobra. Must be very young, hatchling preferably, i have a female hypo salmon het albino boa i am willing to trade or will pay cash if not. Please let me know if you have one or know someone who may. Thank You.
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    This years clutch of False Water Cobras has recently hatched. Each has currently had 2 feeds, so are not quite ready for sale. Gaining interest on them prior to them being ready as I have quite a few to sell! £90 each, or discounts on multiples or sexed pairs. Will only sell to over 18's...
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    Surplus CB breeding stock: Female Dog-toothed Cat Snake Boiga cynodon CB14 for sale, feeding on her own £200. Adult Female False Water Cobra Hydronastes gigas CB10 £150. Experienced keepers only please Both in excellent condition. Can deliver to Doncaster IHS Breeders Meeting in...
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    Posting for a friend who does not have computer access. Few Burmese Pythons for sale and a false water cobra. Male Pearl 11 foot long proven breeder (ready for next season) £275 Female Pearl 10 foot long proven breeder (ready for next season) laid 22 eggs last season £350 He will sell the pair...
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    Male Dark-headed Cat Snake Boiga nigriceps CB14 Adult Female False Water Cobra Hydronastes gigas CB10 Both in excellent condition and feeding £175 each. Call/text Mark on 07786 564196
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    Adult male False Water Cobra. 6 feet. Nicely tempered. Eats very well. Please contact me for more information. Located in Havant, near Portsmouth. Can arrange courier at buyer's expense.
1-20 of 192 Results