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false water cobras
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    For sale Proven Pair of Adult False Water Cobras ,Hydrodynastes gigas, This pair have bred two years on the trot and produce Hypos as well as normals. Female is very tame , Male is more nervous - never bitten or shown aggression., Contact for details.
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    I am having to downsize my collection so the following snakes are for sale. 1.1 CB15 Rosy Boas. Male is albino, female is normal. 1.0 CB14 Macklots Python. 0.1 Northern Water Snake. 1.1 False Water Cobras. 1.1 proven pair of Honduran milk snakes. 1.1 CB14 Yellow Anacondas 1.1 CB14...
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    Pair of adult FWC £300 or very near offer Both feeding on defrost rats both are very showy hood up & pose nicely For photos send me your email address Dave
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    I have 3 left for sale
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    2 grown on false water cobras 4 months of age £90 each. Also 10 false water cobra hatchlings ready in approx 6 weeks time £70 each. English bred and 100% success rate on hatching. Knowledgeable and experienced owners only for these babies please. I would consider swaps on these babies...
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    male and female early 2013 approx. 3ft eating defrost mice. male is a hypo. £180 the pair collection from Ipswich Suffolk.
  7. Breeding
    first clutch of 2013 with video footage 008-8.mp4 Video by wayne1973_photos | Photobucket
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    ive decided to sell my adult proven pair of false watre cobras female is cb07 and around 6 to 7 ft and just recentley laid a clutch of 18 eggs and will double clutch again in the next few months male is cb09 and around 5 ft both have good temperments but can be a bit flghty but hae never bitten...
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    False Water Cobras 2 months old feeding on defrost (these are rear fanged) Normals £75 Hypo £150 not many of these around Picture is of Hypo and normal together. Any questions please get on touch
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    Hello, Has anyone any idea how much hypo false water cobras sell for? Thank you!
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    Hello, False water cobras well grown on 4 months old, feeding very well. 3 available, these are rear fanged Could possibly meet this w-end £75 each
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    False water cobras as pets? : victory:
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    I am currently doing False water cobras if anyone is interested Have 66% het hypos and hypos available These have gone fast and not many left now!
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    Young adult pair of false water cobras around 4 1/2 foot might go this year defenitly next.
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    Male 5 ft + Female 4 ft + Great Temperaments both handlable and have been put in together a few times recently Not got time I want for them anymore due to work and other comitments so selling up Reptile Collection
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    I am moving to Arizona soon and will be selling most of my collection starting with this sub adult pair of false water cobras. These snakes are rear fanged venomous and can be aggressive so they will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 or to people new to snake keeping. The male: he is...
1-16 of 16 Results