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  1. Habitat
    Hiya I've read a bit about the usage of fans to assist with ventilation and air flow within a vivarium, particularly with high humidity species Could the same be useful for lower humidity species too? E.g. having a couple of fans to bring in fresh air / take out moist air
  2. Snakes
    I'm setting up a viv for an emerald tree boa, I know they need good air circulation, along with lower temps, I was wondering if any other ETB keepers used reptile fans for air circulation, or if they not needed, I'm using a pro cage viv, it has 4 large adjustable vents. If anyone can give me...
  3. Equipment & Supplies
    I've got a habistat cool stat running one fan at the moment but i'm wanting to possibly add another one. My question is can i run two fans off this one stat? If i can how can i plug 2 fans in to the stat? extension lead? or 2 way? Its only to get temps down in my viv one fan at the moment with...
  4. Newbie Advice
    If u have a normal ball python please leave some pics for me im getting my third snake next week a normal ball and id like to see some of yours :)
  5. Habitat
    ive ordered a lucky reptile thermocontrol pro2 to use with ceramic heat lamp on the stat socket and uv lamp on the timer socket. has anyone connected up a fan aswel? im thinking i could some how connect it to the stat side on a relay so the fans come on when the heat goes off.
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    on ebay Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set on eBay (end time 11-Jan-11 21:28:38 GMT) message me on there, i'm very rarely on here now start price £6
  7. Lizards
    I've just got my-self into this hobby of owning a pair of water dragons and was wondering if any one can advise me on if it's worth putting in some fans for circulation ? some thing is telling me that the air is not moving about .. i do have vents at the top at the back of the cage and all...
  8. Lizards
    ok so i am wondering what fans are the best for vivs & also can you get a temperature dependant one. i want it to kick in when it gets a bit hot and stop when it cools down - can any do this? If not just recomendations for a couple of good ones :) My house is currently sitting at around 23o...
1-8 of 8 Results