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fat tail
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    Whiteout het caramel, het oreo. I have no proof of hets. Approx 4 yrs, proven. No trades
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    I have cb15 fat tail gecko for sale , born early in the year from what I can see looking like a definite female , eating shedding and pooing as it should ! Asking £30 for her can send pictures on request via email or text :) Next up I have a cb15 leopard gecko for sale bred by myself , the...
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    Hi, I'm looking for female African fat tails in the south west, the closer to Plymouth the better. I'm having a real hard time finding any so if anyone knows of a reptile store or a breeder selling them please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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    CB14 Striped Fat Tail Geckos Unsexed £50 Each
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    Hi guys, I'm ready to sell my first AFT hatchling this season. She is 66% Possible Het Patternless. Feeding on Crickets daily, will also take Locust and Dubia Roaches. Weighing over 13g and functioning 100%. I'm located in Plymouth but can deliver locally for petrol costs. Looking for £70.
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    imgur: the simple image sharer I was wondering if you guys could tell me the morphs of these fat tails. I thought both stripe. Thank you!
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    Looking for sub adult / adult male African fat tail gecko, Amelanistic or 100% het amel Can pick up at Donny
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    Just thought i would give a update on my Fat tail Bella . As some of you know she has been very poorly and has lost alot of weight recently i think partly down to the all the medications shes been on . Wrongly or rightly i have decided to take her off the medication for a while and just feed...
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    A quick snap of the little White Out Ghost fatty, growing up a treat :)
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    This little White Out Ghost is coming on a treat - love these dudes..
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    Hi i am collecting my fat tail today i have done alot of reading ,does anyone have any pictures of their set ups for fat tails please, he is coming with his rub set up he is currently in but i am wondering it it would be better in a exo terra ? thanks Maria
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    From the Urban Gecko, approx 14months old
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    We have limited amount of these African fat tails ready in two weeks, once they our 12 grams then they can be shipped anywhere in uk via Steve's reptile courier service Please send me a message if you would like any best wishes. White out oreo's £1500 Oreo's £800 Zulu het oreo poss caramel...
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    Heya guys is any breeders taking fat tails to the pras show at fort purbrook on the 14th? Its payday week so i wanna get my first. Hopefully a nice caramel or amel xx
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    Hi guys, trying to sort a live plant set-up for the fat tailed gecko I've got my eye on. Help? I know I want a heat mat for the heat, and a small uv bulb. I'll need moss and a mixture of eco earth and orchid bark for the 'soil', hydroballs and a mesh, and of course the plants. Something to...
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    I initially wanted a crestie when I started my planning a few weeks ago, but after two visits to the local exotics store I've been playing with a fat tailed gecko and fallen in love with how placid and laid back this lil fella/girly is. :blush: I love cresties though they're just amazing. So...
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    Hi, I'm new on the forum from South Africa. We don't have many AFT morphs available locally, just normals and caramel albinos that anyone can tell, so it was somewhat surprising when I found a guy selling these 5 AFTs. He is selling them as normals and sent me the fotos but from what I've seen...
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    Thought we would do an updated thread being as a lot of the geckos on the original thread had been snapped up :) collection in person either from loonymoony in Keighley, or from myself in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We will also accept courier via AC Reptile Chauffeur :) First up: Bold marked...
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    Just as the advert says, must be adult to cuddle up with sherbert my stunning female, won't pay more than £20. Unless you have something which is a mega special morph to go with her. Would also consider swaps for equipment or an everglade female rat snake born 2010 and currently 2 and a hall...
1-19 of 61 Results