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fat tailed
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    Hello I love fat tailed geckos! I can re home and rescue / buy however funds are very low. If you have a fatty needing a home please get in touch! If you know anyone willing to sell one let me know. Thank you.
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    Young fat tails, up to yearlings wanted on behalf of my misses. Morph is unimportant and I'm willing to travel a decent distance to collect! Cheers in advance, Craig
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    2 x *Proper Care and Maintenance of Leopard Geckos by Josh Klavir* £1 each 1 x *Pet owners guide to the Leopard Gecko by Noel & Janet Morgan* £2.50 1 x *Leopard Geckos-Husbandry & reproduction by Jon Coote* £1 1 x *GECKOS-Complete Pet owners manual by Barron's* £3 1 x *Leopard Geckos-Colour...
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    hi im looking into getting a pair or a trio of african fat tailed geckos but i cant seem to find any. could someone please give me a reasonable price for one and if you have some or one for sale, let me know. thanks
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    Hi I am selling a breeding pair of African fat tailed geckos with full set ups. Each has a 2ft viv with all the accessories. These geckos have to be kept separate otherwise they will breed. Don't know the age of these geckos, the female may be to old to breed so would only suggest a experienced...
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    I am considering selling my 3 female fat tailed geckos if the price is right. The first 2 have regen tails and the third is a shunk with original tail. All eating, pooing and shedding fine. Can come with own enclosure - make me an offer.
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    hi putting my 2 fat tails up for sale (presumed male and female pretty positive) female did lose her tail but has regrown back nicely now both around 8 month old 8-10 inch head to tail tip both friendly excellent feeders excreters shedders, get an odd hiss now and again if cleaning tank and wake...
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    we have available 3 cb10 fat tailed geckos. feeding on gut loaded mini mealworms and size 2/3 brown crickets banded £34.99 skunk striped £39.99 albinos arriving next week direct from the breeder. banded and skunk striped £49.99 each courier available throughout the uk. pm for a quote
1-8 of 8 Results