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fbts set up
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    i saw some people keep fbt outside . how can i do this
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    NO LONGER FOR SWAP BUT STILL LOOKING FOR FIRE BELLIED NEWTS I'm looking to add a new species to my collection, I was in the market for FBNs a few months ago but a flood then an accident prevented me :-( I'm based in Cumbernauld G67. I have a setup ready to go for up to 3 Fire Belly...
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    for sale are my 5 fire bellied toads and there full set up which is a 45,45,60 exo terra with canopy lights and including all the gravel / moss and filter with the little waterfall pics will be given on request or you can come view them pm me or post here (pm will get quicker responses :welcome:)
1-3 of 3 Results