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feeding bowl
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    As well as our range of magnetic feeding rocks we also have floor standing ones available for ground dwelling lizards. They come in single or double sizes and each come with bowls included. They come in 5 standard colours but can be custom colours for no extra charge, just drop us a message...
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    I have some no longer needed feeding items: 1 x exo terra medium/large feeding dish £2.50 1 x zoo med repti rock water dish £2.50 1 x exo terra meal worm dish £2.50 2 x exo terra small water dishes £1.50 each 1 x eoro rep repti rock small water dish £1.50
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    As the title says: All items sterlized :2thumb: A - ExoTerra large Feed/Water bowl, rock effect HEAVY £5.50 (p&p £1.80) B - Corner Granite effect Feed/water dish HEAVY - £5 (p&p £1.80) C - Small rock effect corner water/feed dish £3.50 (p&p £0.80p) D - Small ceramic glazed bowls 8.5cm Diameter...
1-3 of 3 Results