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female crested
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    hello i might have to sell my female crested gecko. age: 6months sex: female weight:25g morph: ? i dont no how much she would be worth so make me a offer.
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    Female - Extreme Harlequin Hatched: 2008, UK. Breeding: Since 2009 - offspring are all bright harleys. £200 --------------------------------------------------------------- Pick from B29 Birmingham or PE3 Peterborough. Delivery possible anywhere in the midlands. Reply in the thread if...
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    Hi I am looking for an adult/Sub-adult Female Crested Gecko for sale in the Lancashire area (im in Manchester). Not particularly fussed about what morph she is, just my other female is in a huge enclosure on her own and I would like her to have a companion. Many Thanks :)
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    just seeing what the interest would be for 2.4 cresties... all tails intact ... feeding on live food with the occasional cgd..looking for sensible offers..ages 2 males approx 2yrs 2 females approx 2yrs 2 females approx 1yr..
1-4 of 4 Results