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female green iguana
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    CF12 Green Iguanas (x1 Male & x1 Female Avaliable) £65 Each
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    I'm having to rehome my female green iguana- I haven't had her long, I bought her to pair up with my male iguana but she's constantly giving him a hard time, trying to attack him and doesn't seem to be settling with him so unfortunately she has to go. She's about 3 years old, about 3 feet in...
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    Iv been offered a 19 month old female green iguana but i dont know much about them except for they are big and arboreal! iv been told shes 3ft so im thinking a 6ft wide x 5ft up x 3ft deep? would that be ok!? There are some perks to living in rural north wales. lol
1-3 of 3 Results