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female leo
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    Lovely female tremper eclipse for sale. Currently weighing in at 74g. Bought from a breeder at Hamm. About 18 months old. Never been bred from. Has 2 half red snake eyes. Eating, pooing an sheeding with no problem. Nice chunky girl. Collection from Hornchurch or I can bring over to Kent. £70
  2. Lizard Pictures
    Hi all, just picked up my new sub-adult female Leo, she is my first Leo so to be honest i dont know anything about Leo morphs and the petshop owner told me she wasn't a Normal Leo but he wasn't too sure what morph she actually is... It would be very much appreciated if someone could help me out...
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    For sale is a female leopard gecko which I think is a SHCT and a full vivarium set up. Unfortunantely I could not add a photo to this add as I've reached my download limit on other adds but I'm happy to send pictures of the leo/set up to anyone interested via e-mail. As stated before I think...
  4. Newbie Advice
    Hi, :lol: Wondering if people can advise on their experiances on housing 2 female Leo's together form young. I have read a lot about it, but i wont mainly people experiances in doing this, as i haven't read about anyone's experiances, just on opinions on it. Be nice to have some expert...
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    I have for sale a 100% het Pied male royal, Who I'm trying to sell, but I'm also be open to swaps. My preference is for an adult female Leo with or without set-up, if you might be interested, please see my thread for Details of Loki (the royal) and get in touch. thanks for reading, Kay.
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    I have 3 Female Leopard Geckos that i am looking to sell. Reason for sale is that I have started to feel like I am not enjoying looking after these after my other geckos that i have. I have a Tangerine, Mack Snow (Has a regrown tail) and what could either be a High Yellow Giant (Not...
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    hi, i am after a female leopard gecko to add to my current two. ideally she would need to be at least 40g in weight in order to compete for food and preferably with plenty of breeding left in her! not after any normal, hypo, blizzard or mack snow morphs...want something a bit more colourful...
1-7 of 7 Results