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female veiled chameleon
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    our veiled cham is only 7 month old and has just laid 31 eggs!!! she has been no where near a male so they were infertile. she has just finished laying at 22:30 well covering up where she laid. we have put the night spotlight on to ensure she is warm sprayed her for extra time with calcium water...
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    Gorgeous Female Yemen for sale very healthy loves to explore will make a brilliant breeder for the future for any hobby breeder and also will make a fantastic pet.
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    hi there just an updated price for my female veiled chameleon,due to my job being moved,she is about 5 months old eating(crickets,mealworms) and pooing well.I was asking for £65,but for a fast sale,iv'e knocked it down to £50 cos I'm being moved quicker than expected(13/6)please contact me if...
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    Female Veiled Chameleon 4 months old approx
1-4 of 4 Results