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    Selling my Fender Super Champ, as new condition, barely used. Superb bit of kit and deserves to be getting used. Web site blurb: Fender Super Champ XD First there were tube amps. Then we had solid state amps. Then we had modelling amps. And then we all decided that the tube ones sounded...
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    I am selling my 60's reissue fender strat in black. This mexican strat plays and sounds fantastic, it has a brilliant vintage style sound to it. it is in excellent condition and will upload pics later. The other items i have for sale are some parts from my telecaster, i have a neck with a maple...
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    BC Rich Warlock Broze Series Guitar Good condition had new strings on few months ago then never used, has been sat on a stand in the spare room Has a few minor marks, but only cosmetic, nothing that effects the sound and you can only see them if you're looking for them Fab guitar with...
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    Hi, I bought this last year with my birthday money, but only used it a few times and my boyfriend has a guitar so I have decided to sell this as my boyfriends guitar is better and we don't really need 2 of them in the house lol. It is a purple colour steel stringed acoustic guitar made by...
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    I decided to open another thread as my last one didn't have pictures. Fender Bronco Bass Guitar and an Ibanez IBZ10B amp for sale. £130 or offers!!!!!!!
1-5 of 5 Results