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  1. Exotic Mammals
    I would like to buy a fennec fox in the future, once I'm all set... only problem is, I can't seem to find any breeders. Flashman Foxes appear to not be active anymore (the Contact link on their website is broken, as well as their Sign Up option). Could anybody point me in the right direction...
  2. Exotic Mammals
    I am looking to buy civets, gennets, asian leopard cat, fennec fox, corsac fox etc, i can pick up the animals from the UK, i am a private breeder and i have already few mammals and would love when the place is set up for others just add my dream mammals or exotic rodents pls contact me on...
  3. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Could anyone point me to a reliable fennec fox breeder or someone who could sell me one please? thank you
  4. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    I have one beautiful Fennec Fox Kit for sale. At the moment she is 5 weeks old, full of life, eating well and incredibly gorgeous! :flrt: A home check will be required and knowledge of Fennecs will be needed. Please message me for any details
  5. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hey there, I'm looking for a Fennec Fox Kit, sex doesn't matter! Only interested in Fennecs as far as foxes go, however I would consider any other interesting animals you have to offer! Thanks! Kai
  6. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    A chap I know has for sale a proven breeding pair of fennec fox. *Foxes are fully up to date on all inoculations, worming and flea treatment. *They are 3 years of age and have thus far had 2 litters which they successfully raised themselves. *Foxes are tame but not friendly. (They will...
  7. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hello Everyone I was looking at buying a Corsac or A Fennec Fox... Interested in any offers for Fennecs Corsacs of any age! If you have one you want to sell or know someone who has one to sell, I'm extremely interested in buying it! Kind Regards, Kai
  8. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hi There! I'm looking into buying any species of Fox, Any age but the younger the better! Just Looking at getting some more info,send me any offers you have! Many Thanks! Kai Browne
  9. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Been looking for a Fennec Fox for a while, so if anyone knows any breeders or has any kits for sale please let me know!
  10. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Lovely pair, will take food out your hand but not tame. These are 2 and a half years old looking for a good home. If your interested please feel free to mail me.
  11. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    I'm still hoping that i will be lucky enough to get a female Fennec Fox for Phoenix. If any one can help, please pm me :2thumb:
  12. Exotic Mammals
    Hi all I know i've spoken about Phoenix a few times on here but i thought i'd show you my crazy mad creature :whistling2: Theres some video footage and photos Hope you like him as much as i do! :flrt: Phoenix the Fennec Fox and his new Whirly Toy - YouTube Phoenix the Fennec...
  13. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Hi everyone I am looking a Fennec Fox kit and hopefully in time i'll be able to match an unrelated pair. Through past experiences i'm afraid i'm not willing to buy through a broker as i would prefer contact/information with the breeder regarding things like vacinations, current feeding...
  14. Introductions
    Hello everybody. I am currently studying Forensic Science at university. I dont at present have any pets but I am fairly experienced at keeping reptiles and other exotic pets as I used to work at a local college helping children and adults alike learn about reptiles and exotic mammals. My...
  15. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Adult pair of prehensile tree porcupine are looking for a new home... Also a pair of Fennec Foxes. All Mammals come with 4 weeks insurance with the option to take out full cover for the year :). For Further information on either of these please pm me :).
1-15 of 15 Results