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    Hi all, I have 3 ferret kits 1 Jill & 2 hobs looking for a new home! They are 10 weeks & all have been handled daily! I am asking £30 for all three which doesn't not include cage as to small now but does include all there food, toys, treats, litter tray, any litter left, book, blankets...
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    Hi im selling my two 10 week old ferret kits. i have had them two weeks but they are causing me to have bad allergic reactions to them so Im unable to have them out as often as i would like or they deserve. They come with indoor cage. if you are interested you are more than welcome to come and...
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    Hi all, new poster here. I'd like to show you my ferret cam. You'll see 2 adult females looking after 1 litter of kits. The babies are 5 weeks old yesterday. The silver female ferret is called Minnie, she's helping her best friend Squeak raise the babies. From time to time you may see Freddie...
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    I have some ferret kits available now I've decided who is staying and who can be found new homes. I have.. 1 poley jill 1 colored hob..not poley but not 'quite' dark silver rather odd to be honest. 3 albino hobs 1 silver hob These range between 10-14 weeks but all are very small as mothers...
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    I thought I'd make a new ad for the fert babies I have here at present. Cheyenne x Comanche Well there is still the little coloured girl from Cheyenne's litter, %age angora, very friendly little girl and has never nipped or been rough. She was born on the 18/5/2011. She was reserved but...
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    Two litters of ferret kits, seven weeks old, looking for new homes. Hobs and jills available. All poley. Friendly and playful. No price but a donation to the funds of Droitwich Ferret Welfare ( 1102038) warmly welcomed.
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    Well I decided I would take some quick pics and post them on here. These are Sioux, Cheyenne ad Abequas babies. First off are Siouxs. She is a tiny petite 14oz poley girl who came from Leeds from Oldtymes cousin I think it was! These babies are 5 weeks old and extremely tiny. Sioux could not...
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    I am looking for polecat ferret kits in the wirral area preferably or accepting courier collection. Wirral area prefferred though. If you have some or know someone who does, let me know please. Thanks.
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    Hi! I have three gorgeous 3/4 angora boys for sale. Two have some really neat silver ticking all along the coat. Their nature is fantastic and they are well handled. They are fed on a raw meat and biscuit diet. They will be ready to go in about a week and a half. You are more than welcome to...
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    We have 2 x 8 week old sandy ferret kits looking for homes. Last 2 of a rescue litter of 12 that was handed in. 1 jill and 1 hob. Need to go together. We are in sittingbourne Kent Adoption fee apply and adoption papers need to be signed.
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    10 week old dark kits for sale. We have 4 hobs and 5 jills left, all from good working stock. Mother is a 3/4 european dark polecat and father is half european polecat. Both parents can be seen. All kits are handled daily, healthy and ready to go. For sale at a reduced price of £20 each due to...
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    hi,i have for sale 2 polecat jills and a sandy jill and a sandy hob,all playfull and used to being handled,will add pics to my album later:2thumb:pm me or text or call 07817658224: victory:
1-12 of 13 Results