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    As above i'm looking for either a 4 or 6 man tent with 2 rooms. I can collect but hoping to find a decent one around the east midlands if possible. Must be in very good condition! I know this is very unlikely however it's definitely worth a try :P
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    Right, I'm off to Bloodstock in a few weeks time with four big fest virgins. Well, three. One has been to Download. But, that was in '06, so it doesn't really count anymore. Rather than tell them all the ins, and outs of festival etiquette, I'm looking to you, the people of RFUK for your ten...
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    Italian Snake Festival in Cocullo, Italy 2012/2013 There's a snake festival held annually in Cocullo, Italy. The article says they remove the snakes fangs after they catch them, only thing is they catch non-venomous snakes. Surely they don't remove the teeth of non-venomous snakes?
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    Any one off hear off to Sonisphere festival?
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    Just wondering if anyone off here was going to this this year and who you were looking forward to seeing there? Can't bloody wait now, just under 2 weeks and counting!! : victory:
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    I was just wondering if anyone on here is planning to go further afield for their metal festival fun this year? I'm definitely already doing Bloodstock & High Voltage in the UK, and was all for going back to Wacken due to the fact the atmosphere there is amazing, plus I would love to see...
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    Oooooh yes!!!! The excitement is starting to build :notworthy: Who's going??? I'll start - ME!!!!! :2thumb: :2thumb: :2thumb: