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  1. Snake Classifieds
    I have the following royals for sale. all strike feeding on defrost rats, eating, shedding and doing as they should. females: normal cb10 1923g £75 firefly cb14 448g £200 fire cb13 1198g £160 pastave cb14 156g £100 males: enchi cb13 963g £70 pastave cb12 837g £100...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Snake rack with six 33l rubs complete with heat mats and pulse stat. £150 00 Snakes males Fire. £100.00 Pastel. £ 60.00 Sable. £ 80.00 Mojave. £100.00 Snakes females Het Caramel. £100.00 Normal. £ 20.00 Would...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Hi im looking for a female fire royal to pick up at the sep Doncaster show thanks.
  4. Snake Classifieds
    Hi im looking for a FEMALE cinnamon royal python and also looking for a FEMALE fire to meet at the Doncaster show in September. Thanks.
  5. Snake Classifieds
    2014 Hatchling Female Fire Royal Python, feeding weekly on f/t rat pups, pooing, shedding and handling as she should £225
  6. Snake Classifieds
    Super excellent colour and markings to these Flame Royal Python babies, born on the 25th April 2014, they are feeding, shed and poo’s very well, they enjoy coming out and being handled.Approx. 1 ½ feet long, feeding on frozen/thawed rat pups, Current weights as follows: No. 1:Female, weight 83g...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    male fire 750gr £100 female fire 550gr £230
  8. Snake Classifieds
    Male fire for sale due to me having 2 males he's never missed a feed he's on d/f rat weiners weighs 750gr :2thumb:
  9. Snake Classifieds
    CB13 Fires Sire: Fire Poss Het Clown Dam: Poss Het Clown 8 eggs produced from this pairing. 4.3 Fires and 1.0 Normal As the Hets didn't prove out these are being sold as normal Fires and i'll be keeping a female back to try my luck again in a few years. All have now had 10 consecutive DF...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Hi I have decided to give up the hobby after Seven years joy, sure there have been ups and downs, but I have loved every last minute (except moving house:censor:) Now I have to sell my entire collection, due to work getting very busy, and having three kids which desperately need a holiday to...
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    Hi, CB09 Female Fire Morph Royal Python An excellent natured royal python. Very happy to be out and handled. Feeding on small/large adult rats. Can be slightly picky at times, but usually very easily fed. Moving to a flat which doesn't allow pets. Will upload pics later on (can email better...
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  13. Snakes
    Anyone got any ideas for names for a fire =] my female butter is called rain and im getting a male fire need something that sound.. warm/hot colours / ethnic / shortish / fiery thanks :)
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    Hey all, I have a '12 clutch of Fire x Fire ball pythons for sale. 2.0 Super Fires 0.2 Fires 2.0 Normals Take the lot for £1700 :gasp: Pictures will be uploaded soon or can be emailed. Reason for sale is that I'm leaving for a long holiday in 3 weeks. Thanks for looking. Quintan.
  15. Snake Classifieds
    Hey all, I have a 2008 male fire ball python for sale. He sired his first clutches this year and was a breeding machine :) He currently weighs about 1.3K and eats anything defrost. Im asking £250 for him :2thumb: Pictures will be uploaded soon. Quintan.
  16. Snake Classifieds
    All FEMALES......... X NORMALS 1.5 -2.5 KG+ £150+ SOLD 1X FIREMON £675 627g. NOW £600 1X FIRE £450 678g 1X BEL Super fire £1500. NOW £1000 cash on the day £900! X Pied £895 2011 489g. NOW £700 SOLD 1X Genetic £850 330g late 11's bred by myself stripes. NOW £600 each 1 SOLD MALES...
  17. Snake Classifieds
    All FEMALES......... 3X NORMALS 1.5 -2.5 KG+ £150+ 1X FIREMON £675 627g. NOW £600 1X FIRE £450 678g 1X BEL Super fire £1500. NOW £1000 cash on the day £900! 1X Pied £895 2011 489g. NOW £700 2X Genetic £850 330g, 270g late 11's bred by myself stripes. NOW £600 each MALES 2X Spiders pb...
  18. Snake Classifieds
    First I have an 2009 normal male havent weighed this guy but id guess hes around the 1200gs mark feeds df jumbo mice every time £50 Second I have a 2010 normal female 650gs this girl could possibly be a fire looking at her but im selling her as a normal to save the hassle you never know you...
1-20 of 23 Results