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    Hi, looking for fire-bellied toads (B.orientalis), any sex, but females urgently needed :) Had one female which died recently out of old age. Few males, a bit younger then her are still in good shape and need some fun :) Got a large terrarium (1m20cm) and with only 3 toads it looks a bit empty...
  2. Amphibians
    I was thinking about getting into fish but the whole 3 weeks cycling thing depresses me :Na_Na_Na_Na: so I was wondering if newts (specifically these^) required the tank to be 'cycled' too? I was going to be getting a 54l, 60cmx30x30 tank with filter and lights- would this be good for newts? How...
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    Cynops pyrrhogaster babies, CB 2010 They will be terrestrial for the next few months and can be gradually introduced to water when bigger. Fully aquatic as adults.
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    Hi I have for sale some fire-bellied newts, they are all between 9 and 12 months old (from hatching date), are around 2-3cms long and bred my myself. I have 20+ left and would like £5 (or best offer) each or group of 5 for £20. You are more than welcome to come and look before you buy and i...
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    Hi, My Chinese Fire Bellied Newts (Cynops orientalis) bred this year. I currently have about 29 fully morph'd ones for sale (and the adults are still breeding). They vary in age - the eggs started being laid in December / January and they started to metamorphasise March onwards. They are in...
1-5 of 5 Results