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    Hi all i am looking for oriental fire bellied toads ( bombina orientalis). If anybody has any for sale or can point me into the right direction please. Thank you
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    Please contact me if you have any for sale or know of anyone/anywhere that has any! Thankyou
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    I've got me some FBTs :) I'd been thinking about getting some for quite a while, well I've finally been and bought them. Just 3 at the moment, I may add 1 or 2 more later once I've decided if there's sufficient space for them in the 45cm cube. The setup: Large pebbles built up to rear of tank...
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    I seem to be coming across conflicting info about enclosure size needed for FBTs. I've not kept any amphibs before, so feel free to give as much info as you like! I have kept Anoles and a number of spiders & scorps though (along with various fluffy pets). I have a scorp in an Exo Terra 30cm x...
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    Hi All What would people say was a fair price for fire bellied toadlets (Bombina orentalis). Was thinking in the region of £5? Cheers Ant
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    Is anyone interested in taking on some fire bellied toad tadpoles?Last year none of mine survived, this years I have lots and its all doing really well. Too much to cope with really. Collection only if interested from Cranleigh or Rudgwick. (Yes lesson well learnt for next breeding season!).
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    Hi, 4 fire bellied toads going for free to a good home.
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    I have 4X FBT's for sale: - 3 X Girls - 1 X Boy Assortment of colours from bright lime to dull copper/brown! These toads are a great starter for amphibian enthusiasts, and are entertaining to watch! Brilliant for people of all ages! They are in a lovely wood style terrarium (45x45x60cm) at the...
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    I obviously know how sensitive my fire bellied toads are and as i live on the coast would love to save money by using some real rocks in my set up. Is there a way i can suitably sterilise them? If not i will shop-buy. Thanks!
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    I just wondered why lots of people say this is a bad thing to do? I have successfully had both species (Bombina orientalis and Cynops orientalis) in the same tank for quite a long time with no problems at all. There is no stress, no fighting and both have spawned on several occasions and I know...
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    Hi, looking for cynops pyrrhogaster. Have scoured the internet (and the country!) for these. Anyone have any surplus, juveniles/eggs/larvae/ or know where they're for sale please let me know. I'm willing to pay for courier, postage or travel depending on circumstances.
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    Hi there, I posted before but I did not get any replys. I am getting a fire bellied newt in a few months when I have the tank etc. I am going to be keeping it in a faunarium large as I dont want to put it in my fish tank as I heard they are toxic. I have been told this is fine for there life but...
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    Hi there, Just a few tips needed hear. I was told I could keep a younger newt in a faunarium and when its older I could buy a larger faunarium or tub. I also was going to do a 50/50 setup up so half water and I was going to use gravel(big bits so they dont eat it) Would gravel be ok or some...
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    I'm adverising these little guys on behalf of a friend. Up for sale are possibly 2.3 fire-bellied toads, Bombina orientalis These guys can be accurately sexed if need be. Looking for £8 each or all together for £40 Also up for sale are a lovely pair of 1.1. Marbled Salamanders, Ambystoma...
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    Fire-bellied Toads and Marbled Salamanders Advertising on behalf of a friend, poss. 2.3 fire-bellied toads, can be accurately sexed. No setup. Will sell for £8 each or all together for £40 1.1. Marbled Salamanders - £35 for the pair. Please PM for more details, many thanks emily...
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    Hey there, Have been reading RFUK for a while, but finally decided to make an account and get chatting with you guys. My brother successfully breads Praying mantis and went to a trade show, I went along becuase i was looking at getting into breading something like he does, it was a tossup...
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    Hi All, Just want to check that I have all ok for my new toad (my first! ) he is in a fairly large aquarium, half filled with water. A turtle floating island to rest on and a medium plant to explore. I have a heater to keep the temp at 75F and to keep the humidity up. Can anyone brief me...
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    3 Fire-bellied toads and full setup. Toads are proven breeders (2 babies have just emerged and there are tadpoles), all live happily together, all feeding etc. 36"x20"x18" glass tank with divider, hood and stand (all look great, in silver) 1 side land otherside water Submergable filter...
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    i had a fire belly toad given to me not long ago i believe it is fully grown as its about 2 years old, im guessing hes a male as he calls in the night sometimes anyone interested email me [email protected] i'm willing to swap for something else or you can make an offer. thanks Jabe
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    We are Exeter Exotics, a new shop based at Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BP. Tel: 01392 213480. Snakes: Cornsnakes: 2010: Normal Carolina Cornsnakes Het Amel, Anery & Motley £24.95 Amel Cornsnakes Poss Het Caramel Diffused £54.95 Anery Cornsnakes 50% Het Hypo Poss Diffused £49.95 Snow...
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