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fire belly
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    Giant fire belly toads. Young from 2017 breeding, growing on nicely and colouring up well. not commonly offered, and you do find that they don't produce the tadpole numbers of other bombinas, but a great toad to keep. Lee
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    Fire belly newts efts at their terrestrial stage, hand fed with frozen blood worms. I only have 5 left that are ready to go but I have every stage from eggs to 4 months great little guys would keep them all if I could! For any more pics just ask as I'm new to this and could only upload 3 for...
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    Fire Bellied Toads Unsexed £12 Each
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    Hi guys, I recently lost one of my two yellow belly toads, the remaining one is now very withdrawn and has stopped croaking through the night :-( I need to find someone locally who has a group of these and who would be kind enough to take him in so he can be with his own kind. My two were not...
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    For sale at £7.50 each or 10 for £60. Last summer's young Bombina orientalis (parents of Vietnamese origin I was told by the importer). They are now 2-3cm perfect miniatures of the parents eating small crickets. Some of the parent group are pictured. I found it impossible to find genuine...
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    Hi, I'm looking for two Chinese fire belly newts for sale in the Essex or Suffolk area. I could get them from a pet shop but I would much prefer getting them from a breeder or second hand. Thanks
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    Hi selling more of my fire bellies I have only 2 left out of water and a further 24 still to come out if anyone is interested please let me know, I do not sell the eggs, Thanks:2thumb:
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    I seem to be coming across conflicting info about enclosure size needed for FBTs. I've not kept any amphibs before, so feel free to give as much info as you like! I have kept Anoles and a number of spiders & scorps though (along with various fluffy pets). I have a scorp in an Exo Terra 30cm x...
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    4 fire bellied toads and setup for sale 25
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    Well, he's still not very happy but he's eating with tongs and he moved both his back legs this morning on his own! The swellings gone down to practically nothing now so we're hoping he's out of the worst part now. He's got himself to a comfortable spot and he's not moving around much so we're...
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    I just wondered why lots of people say this is a bad thing to do? I have successfully had both species (Bombina orientalis and Cynops orientalis) in the same tank for quite a long time with no problems at all. There is no stress, no fighting and both have spawned on several occasions and I know...
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    Hey im new to keeping frogs but was looking at getting some fire belly toads, not bothered about sex looking for around 2/3 please pm me with any information Thanks Michelle :2thumb:
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    As reluctant I am too be doing this, kermit (my FBT) is up for rehoming due to the passing away of his cage mate, I feel the need that he has to be with other toads and I should not be keeping him on his own (so don't try to buy him if you plan to keep him on his own because that goes against...
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    :welcome: unsexed 3 x fire belly toads brown/black backs (not green) will put photo in toad album tomorrow!! : victory:
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    Hi, I have a Fire Belly newt, Bowl, Gravel, fake plant and ornament for sale. Selling due to my interest in reptiles, He was a rescue from a friend that no longer wanted him so I bought him a bowl etc. PM me with offers.
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    Hey all. I know a lot of you have said that fire bellys like to think they can climb, but mine actually can! :gasp: I caught her half way up her 4x2x2 viv!! she had all her legs spread out and was just sat there!! Well I panicked and put her back in her pond, but since then she's done it every...
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    Fire bellied toad with plastic geo tank set up with a couple of live plants. Healthy, great feeder, nice green colour. £20 Collection from Cambridge or can meet in city centre. Please PM if interested.
1-17 of 18 Results