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fire royal python
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    Hey everyone! I had a clutch of 6 Fire x Fire eggs a few weeks back, my plan was originally to keep the Super Fire if one popped out, but I've had a few people asking if they could buy a Super Fire if i get more than one. So how much would be a reasonable price to ask? I guess it depends on...
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    I have the following for sale or swap CB15 female fire royal dob - 14/5/15 doing everything she should eating DF mice and rats every 7 days good to handle swap for female royal no normal or spider gene cheers
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    48 HOUR DEAL TAKE BOTH A:- Female fire 500g And 100% het albino female 1.1kg All for just £250!!!! Based in stirling
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    for sale fire royal python eats sheds and poos fine 16 months old loves being handled comes with tub set up as it what hes use to water bowl and heat mat
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    CB13 Lesser Royal Python Male £185 CB13 Male Spider Royal Python £145 CB13 Male Black Pastel Royal Python B £135 CB12 Cinnamon Royal Python Male £140 CB13 Male Mojave Royal Python £145 CB13 Male Fire Royal Python A £125 (In Shed) CB13 Male Fire Royal Python B £125 CB13...
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    CB13 Male Pastel Royal Python £105 CB13 Male Yellow Belly Royal Python £110 CB13 Male Mojave Royal Python £145 CB13 Male Spider Royal Python £145 CB13 Lesser Royal Python Male £185 CB13 Female Pastel Royal Python (x3 Avaliable) £125 Each CB13 Male Fire Royal Python (x2 Avaliable) £125 CB13 Male...
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    I have 3.2 Fire Royal Pythons available. They will be released once established on defrost. Some have had a few feeds already. Males - £100 each Females - £200 each Female No.1 (Ringer) Male No.1 Male No.2 Male No.3 (Bright!!!) Female No.2 I will do a pair for £275 but not including...
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    I am going I look at a fire royal soon he is a hatchling and is beautiful. It's from a guy who is into breeding but don't think he's a breeder. He got the hatchling from somewhere else. He has a light mark on top of his head but is darker than some of the fires on here an doesn't have many...
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    I have for sale a male breedable Fire at last weigh in he was 700g He has locked a female this year He is the 1 at the back Looking for £160 ovno Will consider swaps to the same value including KSBs, Female MBKs, morphed Leos no corns or other royals
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    He was the best feeder out of my two clutches, never refused and has always struck with gusto... Unfortunately I need the money though, so he's for sale. Fire royal python - 2 by Ollie Matthews, on Flickr Fire royal python by Ollie Matthews, on Flickr The pics are old, I will get some new ones...
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    We have for sale a very nice bright male fire weight aprox 700g in perfect health. £160.00
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    Lovely male fire royal for sale or swap for various females. He is a really nice colour, 2010 and about 65ograms. I will post a pic as soon as i can. Thanks for looking
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    I'm looking to trade the following Royal for either - An Adult FEMALE Irian Jaya Jag, my preferable option, any percentage or an Adult FEMALE Pure Irian Jaya. The trade is for - a CB10 Male Fire Royal Weighed in at 630g last time and has fed twice since. Is around 3ft (1m give or take) in...
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    I have a newish female and she's supposed to be a normal but she's way brighter than my other and her eyes are some how different slightly brighter i can see her pupils easier and i cant see my other normals pupils easy at all the black is lighter on this one's eyes? Im thinking she could...
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    I was going to hold back this female fire as I believe her mum may have passed on something genetically to her, giving her a different look; however, since I also have a 'funky' normal female from the clutch and a male fire I've decided to sell her. She's from my second clutch. £250 First...
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    This is a thread only to reserve any royals off me. Clutch 1 began to hatch yesterday and so far their is one fire, taking after the appearance of it's dad. As seen on the East Anglian Reptiles Album 9 « Gallery 13 « » Gallery"]gallery on my website! Once they are feeding and doing well I will...
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    i would like to swap my 2010 male fire royal python and late 2010 female hogg island x dwarf boa cross, for rare or interesting species of lizard/geckos, like maybe knob tailed geckos, leaf tailed geckos, day geckos, and so on. both snakes are feeding, pooping fine but the boa has had abit of...
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    I have to disagree : victory:
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    hi i have for sale a 08 male fire royal stunning looking snake pooing sheeding and eating all fine im looking for £350 picked up. if there is anything els you need to know please send me a pm... thanks
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    He took his time, two minutes of faffing about before the video startslol::
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