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fire royal
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    I have my cb13 fire royal python (keith) up for sale he is around 2000g, proven breeder, can be a little shy but is a very nice snake, he has just gone off his food and think he needs a female and I have no females upto weight at the moment so he is up for sale im after £90 ovno for this...
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    hi just wondering if anybody knows how much a cb14 female fire royal python is worth as i think iv just bagged myself a right bargain not thinking of selling just curious cheers
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    I have a proven pair of royals for swap. Male is a BEL - super fire and female is a proven adult fire. I'm looking for a male pied and possibly a female het. Both are feeding on multies Cheers Nik
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    :welcome: Female Enchi Royal £260 885g Female Fire Royal £240 743g Pick up from Orpington, Kent. Open to sensible offers. Both snakes are feeding, shedding and pooping well. Will require a non- refundable deposit via paypal to secure a snake to stop avoid...
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    I have available a last few CB13 Royals, they are all well grown on at 200 to 300g, and strike feeding well on defrost. I have lovely Fire males & Females reduced to £50 and £145 to clear. Short plans available on more expensive snakes and multiples. No trades thanks. I also have...
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    i am selling my male fire royal python he is about 500 grams and is eating smal weaner rats. he should be ready to breed this coming season .
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    Iv got a 1700kg female fire just wondering wot to put her up for thanks j
  8. Snake Classifieds Details and updated information can be found on my facebook page^ First royal python clutch has hatched out. 6 FIRES! Bob Clark line - exceptionally bright. They haven't had their...
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    I have waited and waited for a adult male fire royal to come up for sale and today's the day I finally get my hands on one, I'm even going out of my travelling zone to get this boy
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    July hatch and currently weighs 600g+ Feeds weekly on large weaners Cutting down on my royals No swaps Collection from Flixton Manchester Can also be contacted on 07799662506
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    CB 2012 female fire hatchling, really pretty snake with distinctive markings :) Much brighter in person, hard to get her colours in pics, this morph will continue to brighten with age and a must to make black eye luecistics and fireflies to name a couple :) £300, buyer pick up or may deliver to...
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    We have a proven 2010 Male Fire for Sale. For further information about him, including a picture, as well as others for sale kindly follow the below link to Available | Kiss Reptiles
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    Stunning snake as you can see from the cheap to go asap....feeding on df med rat and chick.
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    I have a few snakes for sale due to the sale recently falling through Snake 1 is a male fire royal hes 2010 and locked with 2 females this season £160 Male snow motley corn snake around 7 months old feeding on anything offered he will take both mice and rat pups £30 Female 2011 creamsicle...
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    Basically bought from Cold Blooded at the weekend and she was in deep shed, has now shed and im 99% sure its not a normal, stupidly light, crazy pattern and her belly is clearer than my lesser pastels..... What do you think?? I know there is some stuck shed on her head, she has had a...
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    fire royal male 2011 good eater shedder and poos like a horse:2thumb: this is being sold for a mate he produced him last year is a real nice looking little fire
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    Looks like I completely over estimated the price these guys go for. He's a great snake, weighs about 850g good eater, no problems at all £180
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    Hi all I'm Currently looking for a 2011 female fire royal, I'm based in Manchester and I'm unable to travel far so the closer the better really. Thank you for looking. Nathan.
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    I have a male fire weighing in at 700g and a female normal weighing 1.5kg I have seen 1 lock with this female with the male fire and shes spending all her time at the cold end of the viv and sometimes wrapped round the water dish Fire is a co-dom gene so 50/50 on the hatchies being fires...
1-19 of 41 Results