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fire salamanders
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    S.s.morenica Aracena Huelva CB Nov 18 £25 each (see pic) S.a.tingitana Beni Arrous CB March 19 £25 each UK ONLY
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    Hi, I have a shed..., I also have many empty tanks, never throw or give them away, trouble is the shed gets hot in summer and nowhere else to move it to. I am thinking of housing European species such as alpine, banded and marbled newts as well as poss green toads and fire salamanders until I...
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    I have three striped fire salamanders for sale. 1 year old captive bred. Eating crickets slugs small earthworms and waxwoms. £15 each plus delivery Or £40 for the three I can possibly deliver to a rail station if in south Yorkshire. Pick up from Doncaster always preferable though :2thumb:
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    For sale 7 Fire salamanders ( S.s.bernardezi ) £20 each. This years youngsters. Can send mainland uk or collect from Thetford Norfolk.
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    I have CB14 Fire salamander (terrestris) larvae which should reach metamorphosis within a month or so. They will be £10 each or 6 for £50. They can go now, but they're easier to care for after metamorphosis so if you are interested let me know and I can hold some back for you until they have...
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    I have for sale a sexed pair of sub adult Cantabrian fire salamanders (Salamandra salamandra bernardez). Feeding well on crickets, worms ect. This species is unusual as it gives birth to fully formed young. £50 for the pair.
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    We have some CB13 barred fire sallies (terrestris) for sale. £15 each but can do deals on multiples. Pics of babies and their parents can be emailed :2thumb:
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    Ello Ello, So today I had the morning off work, so I decided on a little venture to the local woods for some inspiration. I'm collecting some Vivs on Friday, One of which is for my Fire Salamanders, which are in need of a viv upgrade. So today was about getting some nice pictures to work from...
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    Feeding time in the adult tank and the babies
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    For sale CB 13 Salamandra.algira.tingitana (Beni Arous oviviporous form). Approx 30-35mm all feeding well. £12 each, UK buyers only.
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    We have some fantastic Fire Salamanders, these are rarely seen for sale so a great oppourtunity!! They are currently around 2inches in length, feeding on Small Crickets with ease. A very hardy and easy species to keep. These are UK bred and we've sold a lot already! These are likely to be the...
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    I am selling 9 young Portuguese Fire Sallamanders (metamorphed in April 12) £13.00 each or £100.00 for all 9) would be ideal as a start up colony. text Paul 07790629726 or PM - I also have 2 Male Pixycephalus Adpersus for Sale eating adult Frozen Mice, Lob Worms Locusts- Offers Invited. Paul...
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    Pair of Fire salamanders looking for a good home, these need to be kept at a temp of about 16-20c, any higher and they risk heat stress. Feeding on crickets, worms and waxworms. £30 ono. Also for sale a 60cm x 45cm x 45cm exo terra glass vivarium with background, £70 ono.
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    Salamandra s terrestris LARVAE for sale Eating live bloodworm whiteworm, and daphnia at present 20 pounds for 3 larvae. pick up only, or I may be able to deliver to some rail stations in yorkshire Caudata Culture Species Entry - Salamandra salamandra - Fire Salamander
  15. Amphibian Classifieds Dec 2011 £35 each Salamandra.algira.tingitana Tagramt Morocco viviporous form April 2011 £30 each, 4 only Salamandra.algira.tingitana Beni Arous Morocco Dec 2011 ovoviviparous form £20 each Salamandra.algira.algira Chefchaouen Morocco Dec 2011 £30 each, 3 only, these...
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    Hi i have 5 of this years S terrestris (about4-5cm long) and i would like to swap them for some other terrestris to increase the genetic diversity of my little group. I am looking for another female preferably or some other juveniles? My sals are in an outside cold greenhouse in a shaded...
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    The two recently advertised Fire Sals I had are no longer on hold as I cannot get a response from the buyer! Still young but looking like 1 male and 1 female. Pic below: As mentioned many times I can deliver so 15 quid each delivered to your door. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi everyone, has anyone got any Salamandra s. giglioli, S.s. bernardezi or S.s.salamandra adults for sale. I'm Essex based and am looking to build up breeding groups. I'd be interested in pairs or individual specimens.
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    I have 8 young fire salamanders for sale £10 each. PM me for pics or more info:2thumb: Cheers all. Jamie.
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    Was just wondering if someone could tell me what sub species produces the most off spring and, whats the average survival rate. only reason i ask is i know fire sals take a good 3 to 5 years to sexual mature and was wondering what effect this has on them in he wild. i would also like to know the...
1-20 of 22 Results