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    Hi have a female fire around 1500g Feeding and shedding fine not had her long but have ended up overloaded with the fire gene as traded for 2 super fire females and also have a vanilla scream male So I looking for a female in trade, would prefer something tsk axanthic het or visual or other...
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    2 x proven super fire (B.E.L) females 1 x proven killer bee female 1 x adult male fire 1 x adult male banana pastel 600 for all 5 super fires have locked with fire over last few weeks killer bee has locked with banana pastel I have a rack which includes 14 33ltr rubs 2 stats and 7 heat mats...
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    All homebred. All strike feeders on warmed up defrost/thawed rats. Full records from birth. Weights correct 15/08/19 PhantomCinnamonFire male 105g, £175 SpotnoseFireSugar female 95g, £200 PhantomSpotnoseFirefly male 95g, £225 PhantomPastelSpotnose female 105g, £175 Cinnamon female 100g, £30...
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    Great snake but no longer fits in my breeding plans. Smashes small rats Sheds and poops fine Any questions please ask
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    2017 Adult Female Enchi Firefly Royal Python Feeds very well on defrost rats. She is an amzing example! Located in Plymouth but can arrange a courier for additional cost of £45.
  6. Amphibian Classifieds
    £70 Reverse Trio of Salamandra Terrestris (2 males, 1 Female) message me if interested
  7. Amphibian Classifieds
    Bombina Variegata
  8. Snake Classifieds
    Cb18 male hurricane fire. Bred by myself. Awesome feeder of defrosted rats. 395g Will be ready for breeding soon. Not many hurricane combos in UK collections. Please message me if you need any more information. Trades maybe possible on other higher end royals. Collection from Plymouth. Free...
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    Manchester Based Female Royal pythons available 1200g 2013 proven female, fire hypo spider royal python £300 1500g 2013 Proven female VPI axanthic royal python £150 1500g 2014 Female royal python Axanthic (vpi) black pastel £300 1600g (2012) proven female super pastel hypo (orange ghost)...
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    poss double het albino pied male £60 fire het red axanthic 50% poss het albino male £80 fire het red axanthic 50% poss het albino female £100 mojave 100% het clown male £160 fire gargoyle 50% poss het albino female £160 fire super cinny poss het albino (kinked) £220 Also just hatched but not...
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    Leopard pin fire spider female strike feeds defrost. Aprox 250g. No trades selling for space.
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    All doing as they should and taking defrost rats, can deliver within reason :) 1.0= males 0.1= females 0.1 fire yellowbelly 480g cb17 £135 0.1 vanilla fire 760g cb16 £230 1.0 soulsucker spinner 1030g cb15 £325 0.1 queenbee 915g cb15 £175 (aggresive) 1.0 mojave/lesser 1300g cb15 £245 looking...
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    Hi i have the available royals for sale or trade for clown/pied stuff, all doing as they should :) Pictures on request can whatsapp if easier... 1.0 = male 0.1 = female 0.1 fire yellowbelly 450grams £150 0.1 queenbee 900grams £225 (aggressive) 0.1 vanilla cream 450grams £225 1.0 lesser...
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    Royals. Hatchlings and a proven male. All bred by myself. All strike feeders on defrost rats. Weights correct 13/11. Collection from Mere, Cheshire. Deposit secures. Will courier at buyers expense and arrangement. No trades thx. Pls don't hesitate to Pm me with any questions. Graham...
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    Due to a change in circumstances I have the following for sale: Royals - Sub Adult to Adults 1.1 Proven het Ultramels - £130 pair 1.0 Pinstripe het Desert Ghost - £85 1.0 Hypo Super Pastel - £90 1.0 Ivory - £90 1.0 Lavender Albino - £100 1.0 Pastel Genetic Stripe -£90 1.0 Double het VPI...
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    CB11 Male Spider (66% Poss Het Albino), 1834g - £60 CB11 Female Pastel, 1506g - £60 CB11 Male Fire, 1382g - £60 Feeding well on defrost rats. All eating, shedding etc as usual. Collection from IG6
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    Hi all, i have a breeder female fire spinner for trade/sale. Good feeder on defrost. Had clutches this and last year. Produces stunning offspring. Selling as i have holdback 4 gene babies from her. Anyone have any hatchling bamboos for trade or other unusual stuff? Gtp or balls only though. Thanks
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    Reducing my royal collection So have the following for sale Males Ultrafly (super pastel, fire, yb) bred by Justin Kobylka, weighs 1.2kg £300 Super pastel enchi, 900g £250 Double het pied and lavender albino, with paperwork, bred by Ronnie Sharples 1.6kg £100 Females Spider het lavender...
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    I have the following for sale, all are eating and shedding well. Pictures can be sent upon request. CB16: 1.0 Enchi Fire 182g - £90 1.0 Fire 156g - £45 1.0 Super Pastel Calico 100% het Hypo 268g - £230 2.0 Wild Type 130g & 153g - £15 each 1.1 100% het Hypo 117g & 158g - £40 pair 1.1 Pastel 100%...
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    All 2016's and bred by myself. All strike feeding well on defrost rat chubs. Full records from birth. All weights correct on 21/01/17 Karma male (slight paradox) 250g £180 Karma male 190g £170 Enchfire male 230g £80 Fire female 240g £40 Cinnamon female 300g £40 Lesser female...
1-20 of 500 Results