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    Hi, Selling our 2015 clutch from Firefly Fader x Lemon Pastel Pairing. Male carries the fader gene from Marcus Jayne Super Duper line, therefore all offspring may also carry the gene (Parents can be seen). 1.0 Fire (poss fader) - £50 0.1 Fire (poss fader) - £65 0.1 Pastel Fader - ON HOLD...
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    For sale, Female breeding weight 2kg plus not bred 2015 but proven in 2014. Previously locked with my leopard male. Feeds on defrost rats £80 Male leopard 150g this years hatchling feeding well on defrost £70 Fire spider male some wobble but good strike feeder on defrost 200g £50 Female...
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    A few Royals for sale. All are well started and eating defrost mice. Doing everything you'd expect. 2.2 Mojaves. £40.00 £60.00 (£80.00 pair) 2.2 Fires. £40.00 £60.00 (£80.00 pair) 2.2 het Pied. £25.00 £40.00 (£55.00 pair) With paper genetic guarantee. 2.2 Yellowbellys. £30.00 £50.00 (£70.00...
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    Time to reduce down to a select few projects that i want to continue working with, so i have the following animals up for sale:- Males:- Enchi Vanilla proven - £250 platty daddy proven (fantastic example) - £500 lesser black pastel grown on (poss something else going on) - £250 exo lbb male -...
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    For sale I have an unsexed trio of Fire bellied toads. Only reason for sale is that after purchase I was offered an older proven trio. All toads are healthy, eating and fully grown. Only £20 wanted which is less than what I paid for them. Pick up at Doncaster in November.
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    Hi thinning out ready for next year leopard male hatchling almost ready, (prob ready by next week) bred by myself. really dark examples. this one first to go £150 fire spider male 240g bred by another member on rfuk, taken in swop but have a three gene spider now. nice bright friendly snake...
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    Hi All,:welcome: Here we have a stunning female fire cb09 1640grams and eating LW.Rats. She will be ready for this coming season. :2thumb: Thanks for looking
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    I'm looking for an adult female royal python weighing at least 1.5kg with any combination of these morphs (but not normals or just pastel): Fire Cinnamon Yellowbelly Calico Enchi Pastel Ideally I am looking to spend no more than £350, but I'm willing to consider snakes in the £350-£500 range...
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    I have the following reticulated pythons available: Cb13 Tiger 50% het pied female. £300, Interesting girl for someone. Cb15s: 0.1 dwarf tiger £150 2.2 dwarf suntiger £200/£250 2.1 fire £125/£150 1.0 Sunfire het albino £175 0.1 Tiger & 1.0 Normal 100% het BLONDE PIED. £1300 pair. I'm...
  10. Amphibians
    My fire salamander seems very bored and understimulated, she spends almost all her time hiding under her coconut shell and only comes out occasionally to take a bath. I'm unsure if this is normal behaviour for a salamander and was wondering if there is anything I can do to make her life more...
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    Wanted double(or triple) gene breeder male. One of the genes needs to be fire. No spider gene please. Please pm me. Strong trades or cash Thanks Ste
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    CB15 Male Fire pinstripe Feeding on defrost rat Pups. Full feeding and data records. £120 2013 Female Normal 100% Het Desert Ghost Feeding on defrost rats. Full feeding and data records. Also with Drpreptiles paperwork £300 2012 Female Pastel Feeding on defrost rats. Full feeding and data...
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    CB11 Royals, all feeding well on defrost rats, shedding and doing as they should. Males Cinnamon 1444g - £100 Fire 830g - £110 Spider 1160g - £90 I bought this guy as a poss het Albino, unproven so selling here as a regular spider. Female Pastel 772g - £110 Individually priced, or all four...
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    All well started and strike feeding on df mice/rats :2thumb: CB14 3.1 Pastel - M £15, F £20 2.0 Fire - M £30 1.0 Brimstone - M £40 1.1 Bumblebee - M £55, F £70 1.0 Firefly - M £80 First come, first served. Pics on request :whistling2:
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    All these snakes are feeding well on defrost and in perfect health. I'm located in Freckleton, a small village half way between Preston and Blackpool, local delivery possible for 30p per mile cb13 Fire/Spider male, Lovely snake 800g bred by myself £125 CB11 fire male, father to all the...
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    Hi, looking for fire-bellied toads (B.orientalis), any sex, but females urgently needed :) Had one female which died recently out of old age. Few males, a bit younger then her are still in good shape and need some fun :) Got a large terrarium (1m20cm) and with only 3 toads it looks a bit empty...
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    Preferably will include any of the following: - Fire - Pastel - Spider - Pinstripe If you can hit all 4 and offer me a Firefly Spinner then I can offer you more money! Let me know what you have, my eye are open to any variations you may throw at me! Thank you, George.
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    CB11 Spider, (2165g) no noticeable wobble, does everything she should £200 [/URL] CB11 Fire (1318g), can be a fussy feeder £200 [/URL] Feel free to PM for more info
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    pair of subadult fire salamanders (terrestris) about 4" with large faunarium £50 pic can be emailed,pick up Pontypool or Cardiff,south wales.
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    As title, I have a female fire available as I have just bought a super fire. She is 900g and eating like a pig if I let her. I will courier if required, but only with a reputable courier from this forum. Please pm any questions
41-60 of 500 Results