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fish keeping
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  1. Shelled Classifieds
    Hi I have decided to sell my whole turtle set up. This is a great deal for a new pet. It includes; Fluval roma 200litre tank with working light unit Fluval 406 external filter Cabinet for the tank 2 bottles of fluval water conditioner 1 UV bulb 2 normal bulbs A few different types of feeding...
  2. Fish Keeping
    Does anybody know where I can buy the genuine Bristol Shubunkins these days.They seem to have disappeared from the shops now
  3. Fish Keeping
    Has anyone had a problem with tetra tank heaters? I was performing a 50% water change this weekend and noticed a crack in my heater (always turned off at wall and left to cool down properly) also had a problem with water temp being 4°c higher then set on heater so glad I found this problem...
  4. Fish Keeping
    Just acquired a japanese peace lilly and wondered if anyone had one or tips on looking after it? Its in my tank 200 litre and I have a red gibicep.
  5. Fish Keeping
    Can anyone recommend a really good fish food mainly for angles and tinfoil barbs Many thanks
  6. Fish Keeping
    Can anyone help work out how much water this would hold and the weight it would be please. Many thanks
  7. Aquatics Pictures
    Does anyone know anything about these fish? If you can get them and where from? And are they just a different colour angle fish? Many thanks
  8. Fish Keeping
    could i keep 1 bala shark with a school of serpae tetras in 75 gallon. I know bala sharks need to be kept in schools but i dont have enough room for 3. Thanks.
  9. Fish Keeping
    thought i would make an album for my reef tank. pics in my albums :2thumb:
  10. Fish Keeping
    hey guys and girls quick question does anyone have any free marine fish going for free all of my hubbys fish have died because of the stupid hermit crab he is totally devastated so i want to try rebuild his tank for him but i have literally 23p haha and i want to do it as a surprise for him :D
  11. Fish Keeping
    Hello my name is Lucas, i offer a fish tank and pond cleaning service. I have Worked in 3 pets shop for the past 5 years, fully Experience in freash water and salt water fish. I have been cleaning ponds for the past 3 years and aim to provide a profession service to the highest standed. Also...
  12. Aquatics Classifieds
    pm me what you need and ill price you up, have saltwater and tropical, supplies, and pond supplies. water treatments, salt etc, just send me a pm and we'll come to some sort of arrangement.:no1:
  13. Fish Keeping
    x2 large cray fish and a large silver shark needs new home £40 for all a bargain tel 07879817568 for more details i am in the bristol area thanks they are very healthy and eat well a bargain price first to see will buy as a giveaway
  14. Fish Keeping
    Well dont come to this part of forum often but I have recently bought practical fish keeping (Issue 5) I have found it a good read but I was wondering peoples opinions on it? I know think people think the reptile version is more for begginers do you think the same about the fish one? With...
1-14 of 16 Results