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  1. Shelled Classifieds
    Hi all I have a Fluval Roma 200 for sale £80 Comes with: Fluval 4+ filter Fluval 2+ filter Basking dock L + S size Clip on basking lamp used and will need a clean up but everything was working last time tested. Perfect size aquarium for either fish or turtles. Collection only or possible...
  2. Habitat
    Simply put: I have a 10 gallon tank currently with 2 tetras, 2 coreys, and a few various "mystery snails" (the amount of snails has officially reached about 10 if I include the Itty bitties. I had 2 larger quarter-sized snails that bred and then one passed about a month later after a small one...
  3. Lizards
    Hello everyone, I am currently building a paludarium in an exo terra (90x60x45cm tall) and the land area will tank up just under half of the aquarium section at the bottom. I am hoping to keep a mountain horned dragon in here as there will be plenty of space for him higher up and since they...
  4. Aquatics Classifieds
    Large number of young Bristlenose Plecs, various sizes and ages. Wanting £1 each or swaps for other Fish. Collection preferred.
  5. Fish Keeping
    Sadly I no longer have any fish, but I used to have a few tanks! Tank 1: Tiger Oscar x2 Parrot Fish (given to us) Jack Dempsey Senegal Bircher Clown Loach x2 Armoured Plec Lined Catfish Tank 2: Electric Blue Acaras Convicts Jewelled Cichlid Albino Algae Eaters Tank 3: Mollys Swordtails...
  6. Aquatics Classifieds
    Used Aqua expert 70 litre aquarium in good condition. Also can come with stand pictured, heater, filter, extra LED bars, rocks and wood, electronic thermostat, electronic thermometer, food, supplements, automatic feeders, water change equipment. Open to offers. Pick up in Newcastle only.
  7. Lizards
    Is it possible to have a full active terrarium with a gecko? independently feeding the geckos and fish, but having them coexist in a custom and large terrarium:whip:
  8. Aquatics Classifieds
    Two xl fancy gold fish looking for a new home they are very large £25 each. Also a fluval f60 for sale tank £110 yeovil somerset
  9. Fish Keeping
    I have a 200L tank which housed goldfish who are now in the pond. The tanks temp varies between 16-24 degrees Celsius throughout the year. I don't want to put a heater in as I would maybe like a stickleback or two. I read that some plecos/catfish like that temp and danios, minnows What species...
  10. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi, I hope you're all well! I have my 'turtle' tank for sale. The sale is for the tank, filter, heater and basking platform. I just have a turtle uvb lamp that is clipped to the side of the tank... I can include this too. Optionally, you can choose which items you would like/would not like...
  11. Aquatics Classifieds
    Great deals to be had guys Catfish: 3x synodontis lucipinnis £20 each or all 3 for £50 3x synodontis decorus £10 each or all 3 for £25 2x synodontis eupterus hydbirds £5 each or both £8 L015 pleco £35 L200 pleco £45 L029 galaxy pleco £40 L014 sunshine pleco £90 L114 pleco £60 3x albino cory's...
  12. Aquatics Classifieds
    Beautiful fish tank full set up. Includes a uv external filter, built in light in the hood, the hood only covers half the tank. Led light bubble bar but the lights have stopped working. Includes all ornaments, rock, live sand, guppies and endless all breeding, bronze Cory's (breeding...
  13. Aquatics Classifieds
    Hi there, I have a Kent marine bio reef reef, comes with black cabinet, and all equipment needed for water changes such as barrels, salt, spyhon, net, any spare floss and carbon and such, refractometer also have Red Sea test kits to keep a eye on levels in tank. The tank it self had about...
  14. Fish Keeping
    just wondering peoples experiences with different online shops ad which they would consider the best
  15. Fish Keeping
    Hi guys. I had 2 Cresties in one small tank and another small fish tank. I got a 46 gallon bow tank and the end result is to have everything in one. So far the tank is done, Cresties are in and some fishes are in there to cycle the water. I think it looks quite good...
  16. Fish Keeping
    any advice for filter suggetions on my 500 litre tropical tank? not really wanting to set up a sump anyone have any experiene with sunsun 304b?
  17. Aquatics Classifieds
    I am selling a fish tank and all of the bits that go with it. I scrubbed it all and washed the gravel so it should be all ready for you to set up and put your new fish in. It is all working and the tank has no cracks. Comes with: Fish tank / aquarium (61 cm long x 31.5 cm wide x 38.5 cm tall)...
  18. Amphibians
    Hi there, We're getting a 125Ltr tank for Christmas to go in the alcove. I want phibs, he wants fish. I'm fascinated by ecosystems and wondered what would be the best way around getting our cake and eating it too? If you currently have a little ecosystem of your own please bombard me with...
  19. Newbie Advice
    Hello! Currently our household is owned by a mini panther called Mowgli. She is two and very much the boss of the house. You're not allowed to sit down without giving her love :flrt: We've got an alcove that's going to be filled with a 125Ltr community tank because the TV got a little boring...
1-19 of 500 Results