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    Hi, looking for some good kit locally rods,reels, tacke and a barrow bag?? Anything really I have some snakes that I would swap for the rite gear, pm me if you're interested, Thanks, Paul.
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    Right I have a full carp set up all in fine working order, the setup consists of: 2 rods, 1 13ft diawa powermesh 3lb test curve an a carpoligy rod 2.5lb tc 2 reals 1 diawa an one carpoligy baitrunner both with 15lb camo line just put on used twice, 2 rod pods one quite low to floor, one is...
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    Got round to buying myself a new one so might as well sell this better than it being stuck in the garage not being used so here it is. Its a TF Gear box everything you see in pics you get big double side tray a bait tray, removable footplate, brolly arm and a keepnet arm. All legs are...
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    For sale as don't go much at all these days is a map f-16 16m fishing pole has 2 top ends and a cup end.its as good as new will add pics on the weekend and more info £225 cwmbran South Wales
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    Loads of terminal tackle and bait for carp course and pike all in pics Korda Nash fox watchword mainline dynamite baits ect + dam reel unhookong mat bank sticks rod bag bait bag 2 terminal tackle boxis full to the rim float box ect spinning rod to Mutch to list call or text 07762213415 asking...
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    Hi just wondering if anyone is interested? I have a set of 3 carp rods including bait runner reels Fox horizon rod pod and bag TFg carryall case Rod bag And Shakespeare accessories box including loads of hooks swivel etc. If your interested pm me and I will get some photos send over and...
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    Reciever is in used condition but perfect working order. Multi coloured LEDs 4 dongles, as new condition, only used a few times. all contacts untarnished. 2.5mm to fit microns etc. Comes with protective case and spare batteries. Costs £200+ new for 4 rod set Brilliant bit of kit and only...
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    I have for sale a Daiwa 50 fishing box, used twice so in great condition only selling because I got a new one as a Christmas present. 6 trays 2 lid compartments 2 pole/rod holder attachments Anyone want pics or more info pm me or call me on 07463652254 May be able to deliver locally Regards Andy
  9. Wildlife
    Serious thread this. I used to fish, quite a lot, over the years I got into other things, didn't have time, fell out of love with it, call it what you will. Lately though, the more I think about it the more I feel that its not a particularly nice sport at all. It can't be very nice for the...
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    2 Tubs of, also known as canadian nightcrawlers, bought for my WTF's but they ate one each, obv didn't like them and now tend to either fight them or chuck them in the water bowl. Perhaps better as a treat for a beardie, larger lizard or pacman frog. Also fantastic fishing bait. Approx 30 worms...
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    hi i have alot of fishing gear to swap 2 big pit baitrunner reels with spare spools grays fly fishing reel shimarno 3500 reel dam feeder reel 4 other good reels new oakwood feeder rod seatbox with 3 draws legs side tray ect preston alarms unhooking mat scales terminal tackle bait ect...
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    Hi am going to sell my complete course fishing set up all u need to buy is the maggots to fish and u r done Am asking £365 Ono For the lot u have a Shakespeare box with top box it and the octopus system on it 2 feeder rods Match rod Pole rod Landing net Keep net Reels Lots off tackle...
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    i have a new oakwood feeder rod with new dam reel loaded with 6lb line to swap for anything try me i can only say no 07895230774 ??
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    i have a team england feeder rod to swap for anything try me i can only say no 07895230774 ??
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    i have a greys fly fishing reel 4-6 weight to swap for anything try me i can only say no 07895230774 ??
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    As new in carry case only used a few times cost £59.99, askin £30
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    Hi guys, got loads of fishing gear that im getting rid of, x1 leeda rod (carp) 2.75tc x1 fox warrior (carp) 2.75 tc - BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN USED x1 Diawa (carp) 2.75tc x1 float rod (cant remember the brand will check this) x3 assorted bait runner reels (cheap brands nothing fantastic but all...
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    i have loads of fishing gear for sale just pm me what you want and ill probably have it... thanks teres
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    1 Prowler ultra 4.7xt with rudder and rod tube deluxe comfort seat 1 palm kaikoura tour red bouyancy aid in large 2 ram 119 rod holders 1 80meter divers reel 1 1.5kg anchor 1 11" yellow bouy 1 carlisle simply magic Paddle garmin 451s gps/fishfinder still boxed 1 dry suit 1 kayak trolley 1 set...
1-19 of 45 Results